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October 3, 2015

September Review

Back to reality and buckling down after a rough August. I’ve been executing the action plan pretty aggressively. There are several things I quite enjoyed this month. The most was the cooler temperatures! But I didn’t really like how sunset is getting earlier and earlier. I have also discovered that my favourite thing is sleep. Definitely sleep. 9 hours of sleep in a night is the most amazing feeling and I will fight like a monster to continue to be able to do that! A highlight of this month was definitely pacing the Oakville Half-Marathon. It was very confidence boosting to[…continue reading]

September 22, 2015

How I Accidentally Registered for a Race

In the past, I have had a habit of registering for too many races. I have since learned my lesson and have been properly focusing only on one true goal race each season. That doesn’t mean I don’t do other races in a season; it just means that I definitely treat those races as “catered training runs.” It’s one of the reasons that being a Pace Bunny is so appealing. However, this is a story of how I genuinely didn’t plan to run a race and accidentally got registered anyways. I have been a pacer at the Oakville Half-Marathon twice before: Once in in[…continue reading]

August 10, 2015

My Transition Quality Phase of training for summer 2015

Summer 2015 Training Plan: Transition Quality

The Early Quality Phase of my summer 2015 training is over. I’m not say it is over well, but it is over. As I mentioned in my review of July, I had a breakdown in discipline towards the end of that month which resulted in missing quite a few workouts, including a 10-mile long run. And I only got in 2 of the 6 quality runs for this phase. But, it’s too late to go back and fix that so, onwards and upwards! Up next is the Transition Quality phase of the program. This is the phase that sucks the most! It has the most[…continue reading]

July 29, 2015

In Praise of Tai Chi

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I’ve been learning Tai Chi for just over a year now and I’m really enjoying it. I’m training at Ji Hong Tai Chi‘s Mississauga location. They have a much larger location in Markham, but the Mississauga location is growing quickly. Tai Chi always seemed to have a mystical mystique to it. It’s something ancient, yet meditative and modern. Yoga has a similar appeal, but are very different in practice. The original Chen-Style was actually a way to teach Wu Shu (Kung Fu) Martial Arts technique. Yang style is a derivative and less combat-application specific, but still considered a martial art by many.  There is[…continue reading]

June 26, 2015

Summer 2015 Training Plan: Early Quality

The Foundation and Injury Prevention Phase of my summer 2015 training just kind of flew by! the 5 runs a week looked really intimidating, especially since a lot of them would be for #5amRunClub. But, I got through most of it! I’m pleasantly surprised by how strong I feel after this base re-building phase. Up next is the Early Quality phase of the program which marked by the introduction of interval work. This period also has a modest increase in mileage. When I went through this phase last summer, I started well but didn’t get in all of the quality workouts. I feel like[…continue reading]