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January 26, 2015

Video Games Relapse

So, there haven’t been any updates to this blog lately. I have an explanation: I had a video game relapse recently. I mused in the summer that I didn’t play video games much anymore. But, as I posted in a Facebook post back in November, I felt like Dragon Age Inquisition would be the biggest threat to my training season. It has been so far. I have been very impressed with this latest iteration in the Dragon Age series. The story is compelling, the graphics are great, and the gameplay is fun. I got very immersed in the story and[…continue reading]

September 26, 2014

Ottawa Race Report Addendum

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I was in a pretty dark mood when I wrote most of my race report for the Ottawa Army Run Half-marathon. But I’m very moved and touched by the supportive comments on the blog post, and on the Facebook and Dailymile shares. I want to thank you for being such good friends.   Many of you reminded me that I didn’t really fail and I was being too hard on myself. It’s quite true! If my goal had been 2:20, I would have celebrated 2:17:54. The grind to the finish line would have been an epic, hard-fought success! Instead, I[…continue reading]

August 15, 2014

Distance Running Time Dilatation

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Our society is very fast paced. We live in an era of instant messages and instant gratification. No one has time for anything! Our attention span has been reduced to twitter messages of 140 characters or less. Magazines promote that we can lose “10 pounds by the weekend!” It’s possible to communicate “face-to-face” with anyone almost anywhere in the world. And we have instantaneous access to the collective information of human history through smartphones. And yet, everyone seems busier than ever and don’t seem to have time for anything! I suppose it’s ironic that running, a sport that is synonymous with speed, has made[…continue reading]

August 9, 2014

Have You Ever…?

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Last week, I went to my local Running Room and met up with a 10k Clinic for a 6k group run. I hadn’t been there much in the last few months so my notoriety and reputation have thankfully diminished somewhat. That’s a fancy way of saying there are some new faces there that don’t know me. A group of about 8 of us went out for the run. I wound up leading for most of the run at a pace I though was comfortable. After the run we did our usual high fives and light stretching on the curb outside[…continue reading]

July 21, 2014

Lawson Craddock on a podium

Different Motivation…

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I don’t follow professional cycling at all. But a former classmate and facebook friend does. He posted this article about Lawson Craddock and Chad Haga were doing well at the UCI WorldTour. I know nothing about these athletes, but something in the accompanying photo caught my eye. Do you see it? Let me zoom in a bit. The podium Girls left a mark! Maybe I should buy a bike. I guess I’m in the wrong sport… 😉   On a serious note, I see that many fellow running bloggers Nicole, Henry, Mari, Lisa, Irina, Sam, Emma, Nadiya, Alice, Hong, and even Patty are active[…continue reading]