Butternut Squash Noodles

My favourite dish was pasta, seafood fettuccine Alfredo to be exact. But, I have learned I have sensitivities to gluten, dairy, and egg, so pasta is off the menu… or so I thought!

It turns out, pasta doesn’t really have much flavour; the flavour is in the sauce and the pasta is just a texture vessel for the sauce. So, there are alternatives that get pretty close. There are gluten-free pasta made from rice or corn. But this post is about pasta made from butternut squash. How novel: Pasta made from a vegetable.

Package for butternut squash noodles from Costco. Also comes with spiralized zucchini which are great to add to many pasta sauces.

My wife and I “discovered” butternut squash noodles in the produce section of Wal-Mart. We also found out that they are carried at Costco and other stores. We could use a “spiralizer” tool to make our own, but for now we just buy them pre-made.

Frying butternut squash noodles on a grill mat on a BBQ
A more conventional way of preparing butternut squash noodles: The pan fry

Preparation is very simple: They just have to be cooked a little. You can fry them in a pan for a few minutes with a bit of oil. My favourite is grilling them on a grill mat on a BBQ.

Cooked butternut squash noodles.

Depending on how much you cook them, they get “al dente” and a little chewy, or quite soft.

Cooking butter squash noodles in a tomato sauce

If you cook them a little more in a sauce, they can pick up the sauce’s flavour.

Butternut squash noodles served in a tomato sauce with fried tofu, vegetables, and vegan cheese

You can also treat them like any other pasta and serve them with sauce and/or meatballs on the side.

Butternut squash noodles as a side with tomato and zucchini sauce, and gluten-free meatballs.

I’m glad I can still enjoy “pasta” even though I am eating gluten-free. I even sneak in an extra serving of vegetables this way!