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April 18, 2015

Exercising During A Cruise

In 2012 I was on a cruise ship and had some interesting exercise adventures. On my most recent adventures on the Celebrity Century in South-East Asia, I had some new exercise adventures. I was busy during this vacation, visiting many ports. But sea days between the ports were genuine vacation. I could have just baked in the sun like most of the passengers. But, I had a moment of clarity during the first sea day: On vacation, I want to be exercising and improving myself. After all, I had a marathon coming up! And I ate a lot of really good food, so[…continue reading]

July 26, 2014

Valuable Bike Infographic

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I have mused openly a couple of times about how I need a bike. I found this infographic on Tumblr which I found really helpful:   I’ll probably buy in the fall at the Toronto Bicycle Fall Blowout Sale. I guess an entry-level road or hybrid bike would be a good start for me. Any books or other sources I should research? Any other recommendations or advice?

July 21, 2014

Lawson Craddock on a podium

Different Motivation…

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I don’t follow professional cycling at all. But a former classmate and facebook friend does. He posted this article about Lawson Craddock and Chad Haga were doing well at the UCI WorldTour. I know nothing about these athletes, but something in the accompanying photo caught my eye. Do you see it? Let me zoom in a bit. The podium Girls left a mark! Maybe I should buy a bike. I guess I’m in the wrong sport… 😉   On a serious note, I see that many fellow running bloggers Nicole, Henry, Mari, Lisa, Irina, Sam, Emma, Nadiya, Alice, Hong, and even Patty are active[…continue reading]

April 26, 2014

Cycling with Darkwing Duck

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If you follow me on dailymile, you may have seen that I’ve been cycling up a storm on my stationary bike. In fact, I’ve put over 140km on it since January, and that’s not counting the miles I put on it for the 5-10 minutes I use it to warm-up before my weights. It was getting a little boring, and sometimes there’s nothing to watch on TV. I experimented playing PS3 while cycling, but couldn’t keep up the pace.   So, I decided It would be a good idea to have some DVD’s handy. They would be a reliable form of entertainment and/or[…continue reading]

September 19, 2013

I Need A Bike?

The peer pressure to move into triathlons is tremendous. It’s like there’s supposed to be a natural progression from distance running is to move to distance swim/bike/run. And the thought of completing an Ironman Triathlon is an undeniable life-achievement for the bucket list. My friend Hong Vuong recenty completed his second Ironman Triathlon! His race report is epic and intense! It’s a very detailed, almost graphic description of what the 140.6 feels like. To my comment that the race seems like a nightmare, Hong replied that I should “go sit on a couch and feel good.” Despite the first-hand horror…[…continue reading]