New Shoes

With all the information about minimalistic running and racing flats that I’ve been bombarded with in recent months, it was only a matter of time before I bought in. I just bought this pair of Saucony Kinvaras.

My New Blue Saucony Kinvara's

I’ve been wearing them around the house for a little while. My first reaction is that they feel bizarre. My current running shoes and even my walking shoes I use for day-to-day travel have the typical 2.4cm raised heel. The lowered heel on these make me feel a little off balance, like I need to lean back a little to stay upright. I’ve noticed my shoulders and posture trying to adjust too.

Naturally, I’m not going to race in these for a while, but I’ll start incorporating them into my training.

I’ll post a review after I’ve put some miles on them.

De-training and Goal Setting

De-training Period?

I’m in an unusual little phase right now: I’m not really resting, nor am I training. I guess I’ll call it a de-training period.

I suppose a lot of people would rest after their goal race. My goal race for this season was just over a week ago at the Mississauga Marathon. It seems my body got a memo that the season was over because my sleep has been very deep, my muscles are undergoing lots of repair and it’s hard to get going in the mornings. However, it’s was a rude awakening to my body when I took it for a 5k run last weekend.

Despite the big event of my spring running season being past, I still have two races for this season: The Ottawa Half-Marathon and Bread and Honey 15k. Friends have suggested that I take it easy since I have the mileage base. But I don’t want to just coast, I want to do well. A New PB in each distance would be very nice. And, I can look forward to the fall racing season and I realize I have some more work to do. But circumstances leave me in a bit of limbo.

I’m in an interesting circumstance where I know I’m going to have an injury that will halt my training. In early June, I’m having an elective surgery that will out me out of training for at least two weeks. Right now, two weeks sounds like a lifetime! And it will be like starting all over again once I’m back into it. However, two weeks off sounds like a nice chance to recover and maybe even do things other than training (*gasp*, blasphemy!) for a little while.

So, should I be going all out for the next two weeks? Should I just coast through these next two races or blow it out like there’s no tomorrow?

New Goals

With a whole new training session starting for me in late June, I feel like I’ve got a blank page ahead of me!

What kind of goals should I have? Sub-four hour marathon? Better body shape?

Minimalist running is a big conversation topic right now. I would like to try a minimalist running show like the Saucony Kinvara or New Balance Minimus MR10.

I plan to buy and try a pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes. Even if they don’t work out well for running, I’ll be glad to use them for their actual intended purpose, kayaking and watersports!

On the topic of watersports, I plan to take advantage of the weather and incorporate two watersports into my routine: swimming and kayaking. I don’t plan to do a triathlon any time soon, but I used to swim regularly and I know it will be good for weight loss, cardio health, VO2 max and body shape. I have a kayak but have not used it extensively. I hope that if I use it regularly it can help tone my upper body and reduce some upper body fat.

I plan to continue doing yoga regularly, perhaps even hot yoga. A nice goal would be to be able to do more arm balances like crane pose. I think it’s a nice benchmark because it means I will need to have sufficient strength and balance, and it would be cool to show off.

Strength training will be necessary obviously. So many exercises. I need to figure out a routine. Ideally, I’d like to get a 20-30 minute routine I can do each morning too.

Naturally, I plan to run 3-4 days a week. I’ll probably join another Running Room Marathon Clinic. Since I plan to take this cycle pretty seriously, I expect I’ll get to the Peak Centre at some point for testing and analysis.

It’s nice to look this far ahead. Only 145 days until my next marathon!

Post-Race Recovery

It’s been a couple of days since I ran my first marathon. I’m feeling almost human again. I felt like running yesterday, but I think I’ll have some sense and take it easy some more.

I’ve had some time to gage the toll on my body. My abs hurt a lot, but I talked with Sandra, a fellow runner from my local Running Room who also did the Marathon and she thinks it’s because we were breathing hard for 4.5 hours. That makes sense.

I have another injury I didn’t expect. I’m looking through the race photos, and noticed red splotches on my shirt as I’m approaching the finish line. You can see it in the picture below. It seems my nipples were bleeding! Upon an inspection of my chest, there is significant scarring below my nipples. I must have been really cold or focused because I didn’t realize this at all. Next time, more Body Glide! After all Body Glide saves lives!

Great smile and form... but why is there blood on my chest?


I had a slow flow yoga practice yesterday in a warm room (33ºC). It was really painful at first and I was discouraged that my range of motion was limited. After my body warmed up I started to feel a lot better. I would recommend such activities for future recovery.

In the days since the race I’ve felt a certain collapse in motivation. I ran a marathon! Now what? Run another one? It’s not special anymore!

I’ve come back to my senses and realiezd I still have a long way to go to meet lots of secondary goals. To that end, I’ve already registered for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon for the fall! I’m committed to do this again!! Hopefully with less nipple bleeding this time.