Here is my collection of Simple Nutrition Tips, Safety Tips and Form Tips for running. They will be published as they become available.


Simple Nutrition Tips

#1) Eat something with 30 minutes of finishing a workout

#2) If it’s a plant, eat it. If it’s made in a plant, don’t!

#3) Have Healthy Snacks Handy

#4) Avoid Sugar Substitites

#5) Consume Enough Water!

#6) Eat Foods that Strengthen Your Immune System

#7) Eat Enough Protein!



Safety Tips

#1) Run with others whenever possible, especially when dark

#2) Wear bright, reflective and visible clothing

#3) Beware of Dogs!

#4) Be Prepared for Running in the Rain

#5) Mobile Phones Are Handy In Case of Emergency

#6) Carry Money Because You Never Know…

#7) Carry Identification

#8) Wear Sunscreen


Form and Biomechanics Tips

#1) Strike the ground as if you’re pushing a scooter

#2) Stand Tall!

#3) Elasticity Propels Body Forward!

#4) Run With A Strong Core


As a general note, I’m not a nutritionist, dietician, medical doctor, personal trainer, or even a good cook. Any advice from me is runner to runner, not necessarily professional advice.

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