September 19, 2012

Yellow is my colour this fall

I guess yellow is my colour this fall. Or maybe gold?

It’s nice that I get these shirts long before race day so that I can train in them before my respective races. There is a superstition that you shouldn’t wear a race shirt until the race because they’re technically finishers shirts and you haven’t finished yet. But these are almost uniforms, so I want to train in them to know how they feel and get used to them.

My Team LiveSTRONG shirt I’ll be wearing at the Chicago Marathon, and Brooks Pacer shirt I’ll be wearing at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

On the left is my Team LiveSTRONG shirt that I’ll be wearing for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 7. I’ve seen other people running as teams and want to see what that is like. When I saw an advertisement in Runner’s World that I could join a team and get the VIP Treatment AND raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, then it seemed win-win-win all around. I’m really happy so far because I’ve hit my fundraising goal, got lots of support from donors and the organization, and there are lots of perks to being part of the team! And I’m still fundraising!

My goal for Chicago was to set a new personal best (beat 4:34:33). But, my speed has picked up a bit in this cooler weather. I might juice that a little bit.


The shirt on the right is my pacer shirt for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 14. I am the 4:55 full marathon pacer in the STWM Pacer Program Powered By Brooks. I must say that this pacing program was extremely well organized: There were applications, uniform fittings, meetings and mandatory tune-up runs. There’s even a biography page! I feel proud to be part of this team, even if I’ll be running at a snails pace.

The shirt is probably a little more neon green, like the Brooks Nite Lite running shirts that were given out at the Energizer Night Race this year. All the pacers will be really easy to see!


By finishing both marathons, I intend to earn my Bronze Level as a certified Marathon Maniac.

Any yellow can be a manly colour too! There have been 3 male yellow power rangers! There was Tideus of the Mighty Morphin’ Alien Rangers, Dustin Brooks from Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, and Charlie “Chip” Thorn from Power Rangers! Mystic Force.

Yellow Power Rangers that were guys! Image source: Henshin Grid

I’ll be proud to be yellow this fall!



One more fun thing that’s yellow. Yellow Power Ranger meets Pikachu!

From a really awesome t-shirt design: Go Go Poké Ranger! – Yellow by SnippyFox

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  1. Ali Mc says:

    First off I think it’s awesome that you are pacing for a full marathon! that’s sweet…..I MAY come into TO this weekend to watch scotia, but we also have a few others things on the agenda, so we’ll see.

    And pikachu and power rangers – I’m sold!

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