Blog Name?

I have decided that this blog should have a name. This blog used to be called “Not Running Away” but I got rid of that because I didn’t like starting the title with a negation. I still plan to call it, but I think the blog needs some sort of subtitle.  

There are a lot of cleverly named blogs I follow like ChatterRunGirl, Running With Spatulas, Breaking My Runners InI’ve Always Been A Joiner and Barefoot Journey, just to name a few. You can see my full blogroll on the links tab of my site.

The term Runnerd came to mind, but I did a good search and found that the term is very popular: There’s a Facebook Group, it’s a popular Twitter Hashtag, and websites describing the symptoms of being a Runnerd.

It seems I simply can’t call myself the Runnerd, but perhaps if I spice it up with an adjective. The Canadian Runnerd seems too obvious. Maybe throw in a descriptive colour or other adjective?

I’m open for suggestions!! Please!!