November 6, 2018

October 2018 Review

Let’s just accept the fact I’ve had no updates since April 2018. Oops. My bad. I hope to do better.


Running Updates

No, I didn’t run Scotia this year. I was supposed to be a pacer, but didn’t train enough over the summer and bailed out pretty early.

I have been going to the gym A LOT though. Since changing trainers I’ve been very happy at LA Fitness. The new trainer seems to focus on my form much more than my intensity, which helps me stay motivated to come up to 3 times a week. On the days I don’t meet with my Personal Trainer, my wife and I have been going to a different LA Fitness gym, which is much nicer, but a little further. I suspect treadmill and gym will be my sanctuary when I don’t want to be outside running in the cold.

My post about the Square One Running Room closing got over 250 hits! It’s going to be a change but I imagine I will continue to find ways to be the Runnerd.


October 2018 at a glance
Starting Current Change Target To Go
Weight (lbs.) 233.5 235.9 +2.4 195 40.9
Fat (lbs.) 77.5 79.0 +2.5 33 46
Starting Current Change Target To Go
PMP PDUs 12.75 16.25 0 60 43.75
This Month Year to Date
Running KM’s 12 km 443 km


Non-Running Updates

I found a new way to get PDU’s for my Project Management Professional (PMP) accreditation: I have been listening to podcasts on The Project Management podcast. They’re a little dry, but nice to listen to in the background when driving.

I have been spending a lot of time painting Warhammer models. I think I’m getting better. I competed in a couple of tournaments over the summer. I entered some of my models and a display board into a contest in October, and won two categories. I’ve written a lot more about it in my other blog. I remember I said I’d give it up, but it does soothe my mood and give me something to look forward to after the unfulfilling monotony of work every day. I just need to be more vigilant of not staying up too late painting: I’ve been setting an alarm lately saying “time to pack it up and go to bed” which I think is helping me get to sleep better.

Posing my wife after winning in the “Monsters and Machines” and “Best Themed Entry” categories at Armies on Parade at Games Workshop Heartland


I remember when Sunday afternoon hobby time was my usual routine. Now it’s Sunday afternoon meal prep and/or work around the house time. Mind you, I’m becoming pretty boss at cooking. I cooked up a mean chilly. And I’m getting better at chopping vegetables. But cutting onions still makes me cry.

We had a great thanksgiving dinner with my mom this month. My mom always does a turkey to perfection. But my favourite is always the bread stuffing. I’m not quite sure why, but it’s TOO yummy.

And, I do love my food, which is probably why I’ve gained a lot of weight. And night shifts and overtime at work exhaust me and probably lead me to eating more calories. Hopefully I’ve finally hit max.

I used to make a big deluxe breakfast for my wife and I, featuring a veggie omelette, grilled cheese, and turkeys sausages. Been having trouble waking up on time, so for a couple weeks each morning is “express breakfast” which is toast, and microwave poached egg. Reflecting, deluxe breakfast has a lot of oil and frying, so this may be really good for me.

It’s often hard to get motivated to exercise, even though I know my weight is creeping up, not dropping as I’d like.

But, I figured, why wait until 2019 to make good on resolutions?! Today is as good a time as any to recommit to health and fitness. I’m tracking my food again with myfitnesspal and trying to get in 5-6 workouts a week. So, the last few weeks of October we mad-crazy for me exercising again. I need to stick with this mad-crazy schedule for at least a few weeks before I give up again.

My wife and I picked up a little pumpkin in October and had some fun decorating our home for Halloween. Our baby coming soon! It’s a big life change on the way! I don’t know how or if I’ll be able to maintain the number of workouts with this new responsibility in my life. It will be a challenging balancing act.

We also took our parents to see the Thank You Canada Tour. It is a professional figure skating tour of Canadian athletes. It was quite a show for something that was just in our back yard.

Next Steps

I suppose the next posts will include stories about my adventures into fatherhood. I hope to keep this blog active as a way of talking about running post-baby.

This blog will also continue to discuss my running journey without a local Running Room as a hub. I’ll figure out something and let everyone know.

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