July 18, 2018

Changing Trainers at LA Fitness

by pyrad
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I don’t think I mentioned this, but I stopped training at my local Goodlife Fitness location over a year ago, mostly because my funds and time were being sapped by the wedding planning. After struggling through the Chilly Half-Marathon in March, I started going to my local LA Fitness. I started training with a Personal Trainer, and it started well, but didn’t last.

The first trainer I had at LA Fitness was a typical gym guy: Trains intensely, a body builder, says Bro and such a lot. At first, I was okay with the higher-intensity workouts. The idea of only focusing on one body part each day was new, but seemed novel at the time. The trouble came with recovery from these high intensity days: Recovery from DOMS is 2-3 days. I would be in pain for almost a week! The workouts stressed intensity and I think my form suffered because of it.

Last Thursday I was in such a bad mood after the workout I finally cracked and called the management at the LA Fitness. I didn’t make such a change lightly, because I was likely to see the same the old trainer at the gym. But, I didn’t think I could afford to continue injuring myself like this.

LA Fitness set me up with a new trainer, and I like him MUCH MORE. His focus was immediately on form; not intensity. He was giving me lots and lots of cues about how to do things properly, maximize the workout, and minimize injury. This was music to my ears. He seems really knowledgeable; almost an eager nerd in the gym. He was talking about building useful, functional muscles. Go muscles, not show muscles. I think it’s a good match and I’m actually re-motivated to do strength training 3 times a week.

He started me with a simple workout for this period. I think it’s one I can do 3 days a week:

-Walking Lunges (24 steps, 3 sets)
-Super-set with planks
-Romanian dead lift
-Standing Row (12 reps, 3 sets)
-Barbell Bench Press (12 reps, 3 sets)

I think it’s a good start and I’m keen to see how this develops!



Here’s a link to a workout which I used to do years ago. I’m glad I saved it as a record and reference. I’m even more glad I found it and I may try it again.

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