November 8, 2018

My SUPER Mississauga Marathon 5 and a half, 2018

by pyrad
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I had a super pair of races for the Mississauga Marathon in May 2018. This post is a little late, but better late than never!

As mentioned before, I was doing the half-marathon as fundraiser for the Trillium Health Partners Foundation for the Trillium Health Partners Hospitals. I exceeded my goal! Thank you to everyone who donated!!



With my race bibs at the Mississauga Marathon Expo 2018. Frame by the Mississauga Marathon App. Branding overdose!

Spring 2018 was a challenging season, and I didn’t train as much as I would have liked. But, my season’s penultimate goal of the Mississauga Marathon‘s “Weekend Warrior” challenge finished successfully on May 5-6, 2018! Like last year and the year before, I ran the 5km on Saturday evening, and the half-marathon on Sunday morning.

My race gear laid out before the races

I had a superman outfit from previous years that I planned to wear for the half-marathon. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wear a superhero costume for the 5k on Saturday night. Eventually I decided to wear the superhero outfit I wore in 2013.


Deciding if I want to wear a cape or not for the 5k





Mississauga Marathon Novo Nordisk “Hazel” 5k

I met up with some friendly faces from the Square One Running Room at the bus pickup at the Cawthra Park Community Centre. And met even more friendly faces at the start line. As usual, get there too early, but better than scrambling in late.


With friends before the Mississauga 5k: (L-R) Carlos, Myself, Fil, Claudia, Kevin.



With Mississauga’s famous former Mayor, Hazel McCallion

Selfie in the starting corral, before the rain started

Literally minutes before the gun went off for the race, it started to rain. Not just a little, a lot. By about 1km in it was pouring rain! The cape was a mixed blessing. Running early in the race, I remarked to someone about the rain and he replied “well, it looks like you came prepared”. And, the cape was good for a while to keep me dry.

But, after a while, it was soaked and heavy. It was like running with a bucket on my back.

I felt pretty good about the run itself; I wasn’t overheating as long as I could keep the cape from clinging to me.

And, surprisingly I beat my 5k time in 2017!

Date Event Goal Time Chip Time Gun Time
2018/05/05 Mississauga Marathon 5k Finish 33:21.4 33:59.7

After the race, the rain seemed to start coming down even heavier! I retreated under a tent for a while. It was crowded and I was wet. I decided to brave the rain to try to get home and ready for the race the following day.


After the Mississauga Marathon 5k. But wet!


Pandora Square One Half-Marathon

After my struggles at the Chilly Half-Marathon earlier in 2018, I wasn’t sure how this half-marathon would treat me. I did train more, but I also came in without expectations. Running in a costume makes it a little less serious.

Pre-race photo before the start of the race

My wife drove me to the start line and we took a few pictures. I was able to find a lot of familiar faces and took some fun photos.


Selfie with my wife who drove me to the start line


Pre-race photo with Justin, myself, Lax, and Brigita. Thank you Anita for the photo!


Selfie in the start chute with myself, Henry, and Amar

Knowing that I was going to take it easy for the race was a nice feeling. I wasn’t going to pay attention to pace, or hitting markers. I wanted to be diligent about 10-and-1’s, but other than that, it was just a nice day to be out.



Still feeling super, less than 1km into the race. Thank you Anita for the photo!

Shortly after the race started, I was running with Helen a lot. We meet at A LOT of races. She didn’t have a good week leading up to the race, but we stayed together for almost the whole race. I would stop for my walk breaks every 10 minutes, then catch up to her shortly after.


“Superman” still running along on Mississauga road near Dundas. Thank you Glenda for the photo!

There was a little boy on Mississauga Road south of Indian Road who had a batman costume on. I wish I’d gotten a photo with him.

There were several people I was running close to in the back of the pack. I was running so leisurely though that I was just enjoying the route. I’ve done it so many times, and it is just a reassuring feeling.


Date Event Goal Time Chip Time Gun Time
2018/05/06 Mississauga Half-marathon Finish 2:43:09.4 2:45:21.1

I beat my Chilly Half-Marathon time by almost 8 minutes! All with feeling much better and much less effort. I think the more dedicated training in the weeks leading up helped a lot. And the weight training.

After the Mississauga Half-Marathon 2018. Still feeling SUPER





I was looking forward to getting this post-race photo for a while. It comes with a good backstory. After the Harry’s Spring Run-Off in 2012, I took a photo of me eating a KFC Double Down while wearing the race shirt and medal. On the Facebook post, a friend said the only time someone should eat something like that is if they’re wearing the race medals and shirt. So, over 6 years later, it was time to oblige with another Double-Down. This time, KFC’s double-down waffle!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t very satisfying; the waffle had maple syrup, which contrasted unpleasantly against the spicy chicken.


Scarfing down a KFC Double-Down Waffle after the race. Recreation of a similar picture from years before.



3 years of race weekend warrior certificates


It was nice getting an extra medal for doing the “Race Weekend Warrior” challenge. In in 2016 it was a bit of a let-down to get a bandanna and a certificate for doing the race weekend warrior challenge.  Since I hang them together with my other medals, I immediately noticed that the ribbons are almost identical to last year’s 5k and half except for the “2017”





My Mississauga Marathon medals 2018: 5k, half-marathon and “Race Weekend Warrior”


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