April 1, 2018

Technical Runnerd Merchandise Now On Sale!

by pyrad
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As mentioned in my last race report, I’m going to run the Mississauga 5k and Half-Marathon in a Superman costume as a fundraiser for the Trillium Health Partners Foundation. And, let’s be honest, I could use a couple of bucks to pay for races and travel. So, I’ve decided to cash-in ($$$) on my celebrity and start selling Technical Runnerd (trademark pending) merchandise!

(And maybe some people mistake me for Paula Radcliffe…)


Yes, wouldn’t you like some memorabilia from this website? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!


Everyone loves t-shirts. Here’s a great one with my face from a guest review I did on Running With Spatulas several years ago:

Technical Runnerd t-shirts Now available!



Or how about this coffee mug? Yes, I don’t actually drink coffee. But what a great reminder on your desk of a selfie I took with the grim reaper during Around The Bay in 2014! What a great reminder of this moment in history!

Technical Runnerd Coffee Mug!


Or, haven’t you always wanted a paulradcliffe.ca bumper sticker? It’s a classic based on this website’s classic  header image. Just imagine that whatever sap stuck behind you in traffic gets to see this the whole drive home!

Technical Runnerd Bumper stickers! (additional charge for waterproofing)



Here’s my personal favourite: A Paul Radcliffe approved medal hanger! Now you can show of your medals just like ME! Pay no attention to the fact that it’s just a Canadian Tire Curtain Rod held to the wall with Command hooks! It’s got pseudo-celebrity quality! (quality not guaranteed) (medals not included)

You too can have a medal display just like Paul Radcliffe (medals not included)



Don’t delay! Order Today!! Supplies are limited! ORDER TODAY!!!

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