First half of 2017 Reivew

Well… look at this poor neglected blog! The last monthly review I published was way back in November. Oops. I’ve been a little busy, maybe too busy. But hopefully things will be settling down soon and I can get back to regular blogging and some sort of routine.

I haven’t been recording my hours of sleep, nor my weight on a regular basis. But I will soon.

So, what have I been up to for the last 6 months? Not too much… 😉

I ran four races: the Chilly Half-Marathon, Around The Bay 5k, Mississauga Marathon 5k, and paced the Mississauga Half-Marathon.

As for running, I got struggled to get in the workouts and mileage to be able to run my big races of the season. Once the goal races were over I had to focus on other things.

My monthly training mileages for the last 12 months. Note that the mileage only peaks the month before big goal races! (graphic generated by dailymile)

I let my personal training contract with Goodlife lapse at the end of March. It was a nice luxury to be able to have private, personal training for almost two years. And, they just added a private room just for customers training with personal trainers! But with the time crunch of wedding planning, mortgage, and lots of unknowns, I couldn’t justify the time and expense to myself anymore. The manager at the Goodlife made a VERY strong sales push to try to get to me to renew, and it took A LOT of will power to say no. I had some good times and good revelations while I was there. I went to the gym a couple of times afterwards to use the treadmill, but it felt like returning to the scene of the crime. I let my gym membership with Goodlife lapse too in May, so at the moment I have no gym membership at all.

So, with limited running, dwindling weight training, and stress eating, my health was bound to suffer. My weight was actually pretty stable until I stopped going to the gym, then it spiked! I guess I have my new benchmark to set against for the second half of 2017.

Weight and fat tracking first half 2017



Now, onto a lot of non-running news!

In early January, Sharise and I went to Niagara Falls and enjoyed being very touristy. It was VERY cold, but we braved it in true Canadian fashion! We each got a Clifton Hill Fun Pass which let us ride on the Niagara Skywheel, go to the Movieland Wax Museum, play mini-golf, and go on a couple of other rides.


Obligatory selfie in front of Niagara Falls

In front of the Skywheel


View of Niagara Falls from the Skywheel

Posing with Iron Man at the wax museum

Mini golf!

In the lobby of Fallsview Casino

Also at mini golf


Oh, and my (then) fiancée and I bought our first house in Mississauga! That was an adventure in itself and could fill SEVERAL posts. 

The market was ridiculously hot when we were buying. Places we would go see would be sold within days, sometimes hours. Some properties had set “bidding” dates, and we got into several frustrating bidding wars before this final one.

On this property we did get, we were one of 18 bidders! It finished WAY over asking, and had to go in without conditions, no inspection, and a quick closing. We then had the whirlwind of mortgage, documentation, and lawyer to take care of in less than 10 days.

Taking the property as-is was a little rough, and our inspection after we took possession had some unexpected expenses and repairs. But we’re generally happy with the place. It’s a nice home for the two of us for now.


Selfie in our new home


I had two small bachelor parties hosted by my best man, Marcus. For the first in late May, we did a “room escape” with D-Code Adventures. It was quite fun; it was like being inside a puzzle. And I’m happy to say we successfully escaped.

Photo after a successful room escape at D-Code Adventures


For my second bachelor party, I went to a Blue Jays game! I hadn’t been in years, and neither had a lot of my friends, but we got pretty good seats, and the Jays beat the Yankees!

Photo from our seats at the Roger’s Centre for the Blue Jays game!

Selfie at the Blue Jays game

Photo with my cousin at the Blue Jays game

Whole crew watching the Blue Jays game


..and bachelor parties, and when I said “former fiancée”. Well, that leads up to what is probably the biggest event of the last 6 months, WE GOT MARRIED! Planning our own wedding dominated my time for months and months. But, our wedding ran almost just as planned and we felt privileged to share that special event with so many of our family and close friends.

I’ll so full review about the wedding when I finally get our photographer’s photos. I’ll just say for now that it was nice to have so many family members travel to celebrate with us. I’d like to think we organized thoroughly and wanted all our guests to have a good time. Some reviews back were that it was so smooth that time flew by, our guests loved our food, they said our choreographed first dance was very nice, and one guest even said this was so good that it made other weddings look bad.

Getting ready

Sharise getting ready

Wedding Ceremony

Selfie of bridal party right after ceremony

During our first dance

Dancing the night away

The morning after the wedding with our Just Married decorated car


And, a small last event to round out, June: My family and I went to see Odysseo by Cavalia in Mississauga. It’s like Cirque Du Soleil with horses. I will write a full review, but in short, let me say that it was a lot of money, but I think it was quite worth the experience. We got the VIP package that included a pre-show dinner buffet, open bar, intermission dessert buffet, and access to the stables after the show. I don’t have any actual photos of the show due to copyright; just the VIP areas, pre-show, and after the show in the stables.

The Cavalia tent as viewed from highway 403

Sharise said we needed more time at the dessert buffet during intermission. Two of the below pictures show her displeasure when they announced that the intermission was ending.

Before the curtain goes up at Odysseo by Cavalia in Mississauga

With two of the performers of Odysseo after the show

In the stables tent after the show

Pre-show buffet in the VIP tent

And dessert buffet during intermission back in the VIP tent

My wife, grumpy that they announced we have to leave the intermission dessert buffet and return to the show

Sharise, actually a little emotional that we have to leave the dessert buffet to see the second half of the show

So, a VERY eventful 6 months. I’m looking forward to getting back into some sort of routine!

What have you been up to for the last 6 months?

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