Training with the Ben N. Jerry’s How To Run!

In 2014, I trained using a program developed by Dr. Jack Daniels. I was quite happy with the progress of that program and I have a number of posts tagged that indicate how much I enjoyed it. Some of my friends have also started incorporating parts of the Jack Daniel’s program into their speed training.

Jack Daniels’ Running Formula.


So, this year, I’m experimenting with a training program from another famous author: Ben N. Jerry’s How To Run.

Ben Jerry’s How to Run


I haven’t finished reading this yet, but I think it’s a very promising approach.

It’s a radically different than anything I’ve ready before on running. This new program is highly rewards-based. And the nutrition section is contrary to what I’ve ready in other fitness literature.

But, there are so many different programs on the market, I think this radical approach is pretty sweet!


So, I’m looking forward to this Ben & Jerry’s running program!

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  1. Patty says:

    you training for the Ben & Jerry’s 4×4?


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