August 24, 2016

7 weeks to a half-marathon?!

by pyrad
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So, I’ve been slacking and in a funk. I haven’t run much since the Mississauga Half-Marathon. I took almost a whole month off, then injured my knee, back, and ankle. I’ve actually been fully-healed for weeks, but haven’t had the will to get out and really start training again.

As my slacking intensified, I’ve realized I won’t be able to run the Oakville Half-Marathon, and I’ve withdrawn from pacing it this year. If I hadn’t already registered for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon as the 2:45 pacer, I would have given up hope for any sort of running this season.

But I can’t withdraw.

So, I’ve finally made the mental leap to tell myself I’m going to pace that race. I’m going to get off the couch and get there.

I have about 7 weeks to get ready to pace this half-marathon, 21.1km. And, at the moment, 5km leaves me winded. It will be quite a climb. But, I think getting mentally “out the door” was the hardest part.

I googled a 7-week training plan and found this one. I’ve adapted it to my usual format and am publishing it here as a way of publicly committing to this plan.


Summer-Fall Training Plan 2016
Summer-Fall Training Plan 2016



The long run progression is sound. The quality workouts look similar to the Jack Daniels’-style interval workouts I did with my half-marathon clinic in March and April, which is reassuring. And I’ve made it a point to keep my strength training at 5am. I guess I better get used to being a morning person and getting to bed early.

I can do this. People are counting on me. I’m fully-healed. Come on head, get back in the game!

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