August 11, 2016

July 2016 Review

by pyrad
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It’s been a while since my last update. That’s not a good sign I’m afraid. But I think I’m finally back.

June‘s word of the month was UNFORTUNATE. I’d like to think July’s word of the month was YES!

Daniel Bryan from WWE was my spirit animal for some of this month.

YES to back to training. YES to having new goals. YES to making progress in my health. And one other very, very important YES.

Continuing this feature I started in January here’s this month’s monthly summary at a glance:

July 2016 at a glance
Starting Current Change To Go
Weight (lbs.) 207.4 208.2 +1.2
Fat (lbs.) 57.9 63.2 +5.3 28.5
Goal This Month Annual Average
Hours Sleep 8.00 7.45 7.31
Starting Current Change To Go
PMP PDUs 52 52 0 3
This Month Year to Date
Running KM’s 42 km 555 km


I am finally feeling healed-up enough to run again. YES, it feels like a relief to be past the debilitating injuries that weighed me down.


Yes, the mileage is better than June. Not a lot better; my weekly mileage used to be much higher than 42km. But the ankle is tentatively healing. It’s healing much slower than I’d like. I’m getting adjustments done by my Chiropractor. He says each time it’s like 5 steps forward and 2-3 steps back. He thinks it will start being only 1-2 steps back after a few more weeks.


And, Yes, I finally got back to #5amRunClub. I dragged my running buddy Iva out for an very early run on a Friday morning.

Back to #5amRunClub! Some people were more excited than others
Back to #5amRunClub! Some people were more excited than others


In a string of trying new things, I went to Salsa on St. Clair in mid-July with Sharise. It was nice to be able to dance, rather than just watching. And I certainly don’t mind dancing with my partner. We met a couple of friends there too and had a Summerlicious dinner at a nearby restaurant called Vannis.

Big "hat tip' to Steps Dance Studio where I practiced dance for much of the winter.
Big “hat tip’ to Steps Dance Studio where I practiced dance for much of the winter.

A particularly appropriate place for a Salsa on St. Clair Selfie: (L-R) Sharise, myself, Caroline, and Marcus
A particularly appropriate place for a Salsa on St. Clair Selfie: (L-R) Sharise, myself, Caroline, and Marcus



Oh, and definitely the biggest YES of the month was proposing to my girlfriend Sharise. I surprised her on Saturday, July 16. We were enjoying a lovely weekend alone at my family’s cottage. After dinner on Saturday evening, I recommended we go watch the sunset from the deck. She was suspicious. Then I showed her a custom photobook I ordered that had photos of all of our adventures over our 9 months of dating. She was a little disappointed at first because her initial thought was that I was going to give her a ring. But, the last page of the book was a written surprise asking her to marry me. I did the romantic thing and went down on one knee and presented her the ring. She said YES! 

Selfie shortly after the proposal
Selfie shortly after the proposal

She said yes!
She said yes!

Our post about this on Facebook has become the most liked and commented post I’ve ever had. I’m genuinely overwhelmed by the response and support from SO many people. Thank you everyone!




Goal: Reduce Body Fat to 35 pounds by the end of 2016
Status: It could have been worse

Date Weight (pounds) Body Fat % Body Fat (pounds)
December 31, 2015 194.4 24.9% 48.4
February 2, 2016 194.0 26.9% 47.9
March 1, 2016 193.8 24.4% 46.9
March 28, 2016 198.4 25.5% 50.6
April 26, 2016 200.0 25.8% 51.6
May 31, 2016 202.4 26.8% 54.2
June 27, 2016 207.4 27.9% 57.8
July 26, 2016 208.6 30.3% 63.2

Saying “it could have been worse” isn’t a very positive thing, but at point this month I was over 210 pounds! I do physically see the changes, and I’m not happy with it. Hopefully I’ve peaked and will be heading in the right direction again soon.



Goal: My average hours of sleep will be at least 8 hours per night in 2016
Status: Average 7.45 It was better than June!

July 2016 nightly hours of sleep

This month started so well. It kind of fell apart towards the middle. As the month ended I had a bit of a vacation, which was a grand opportunity to catch up.

I had better than average sleep in June compared to May, and July was better than June. Improvement is good! Let’s see what August brings.



Goal: I will earn at least 6.5 more PMP PDU’s by the end of 2016
Status: +0!

It’s just been SO busy at work. I’m just 3 PDU’s away from locking this down for the year! Soon, I hope…



Goal: Save Money

Well, I guess you can all see why I was was bellyaching back in April about expenses. Apparently shiny and sparkly things cost a lot of money. The emergency plumbing repair last month was less shiny and sparkly but even more expensive. But those were NOTHING compared to wedding planning and house hunting. I have every expectation that 10 years of savings will be spent in the next 10 months…

So, although I’ve been looking forward to the Tokyo Marathon for years, I didn’t register for guaranteed entry when it opened up earlier this month. I can’t justify the thousands of dollars for a trip like with so many other big expenses coming up.

And since these costs have me rather scared, so I’m trying to really clamp down on discretionary spending. Little sacrifices may go a long way.

And I REALLY want to play Pokémon Go! It SO up my alley that it hurts: I grew up playing Pokémon. I’ve finished EVERY SINGLE one of the main series games and most of the side games. Embarrassingly, I still have a lot of the toys and stuffed animals. And the app encourages people to go walking (or running). But it won’t run on my BlackBerry Q10 that I got less than three years ago. I want a BlackBerry Priv, which retails for up to $900 (but I’ve seen it online as low as $500). But I can’t justify that cost to myself when I’m try to squeeze every penny.

Mind you, my girlfriend fiancée is travelling until late August, so I’m saving lots of money not having dates for now…

And I made a few bucks selling my old Garmin Forerunner 410 on eBay. It was a surprisingly good experience to sell on eBay. I’m glad my old running watch is going to a new home rather than just sitting in my drawer. I wonder what else I can sell?


I might have mentioned it before, but I’m going to be a pacer for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon. And I’ll be pacing at the Oakville Half-Marathon. I’ll be packing the half-marathon in 2:45 for both of them. That’s a blistering slow pace of 7:49 min/km. But, at least it should motivate me to get back on some sort of training schedule! YES!  And, since I’m pacing, I get to run for free! YES!


In August, I will also have a new personal trainer at Goodlife Fitness. My last trainer is moving on to a new job, so I’ve been assigned a new trainer. After being leery about getting injured by the last trainer, I’ll think of this as a chance for a new start.


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