April 29, 2016

Mississauga Half-Marathon Goals

by pyrad
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I’m running the Mississauga Half-Marathon this Sunday! It will be my third time running this half-marathon. I’m also running the Novo Nordisk “Hazel” 5km on the Saturday night. Doing both races means I’ll qualify for the Weekend Warrior Challenge! (I have no idea what the bonus is for that, but I can’t seem to say no to such challenges a la Dopey Challenge).

I’m running the 5k with my girlfriend. Her first 5k was the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5k and she did it in 37:22. She’s aiming for 35 minute this time. That should be a comfortable pace for me. I hope we don’t go too fast because I want to save my legs for the half-marathon that starts about 12 hours later!

It’s also the goal race for my Half-Marathon clinic! We have had a VERY challenging season weather-wise. We only had a few days that were super-cold or snowy, but we’ve had a mix of everything which can seem even more challenging. I’m SO proud of all of them! For many of them it’s their first half-marathon and their diligence in training means that their race should go really well. And there are some veterans in my group too that responded well to the hard hill and speed workouts I cooked up!

What’s my goal? Pretty big. Less than 2 hours would be nice. Might as well aim for the moon, right? I kind of feel like I always hold back during races because of something to come. But this time I don’t have to. I don’t have any upcoming races. I had a pretty good race earlier this year at the Chilly Half-Marathon, so I’m not worried if I flub this. Might as well leave it all on the course.

My friend, Dawn, is the 2:00 run/walk pacer, which really helps too. It will be nice to run with a friend who HAS to be on pace.

But, this pace will be hard. A running calculator took my 5k predictor run time from a few weeks ago and said I could do a half-marathon in 2:13:44. That suggests that this pace is unattainable. It suggests that the 5:27 min/km may be anaerobic for me, which means it should be all but impossible to hold that pace for 2 hours. I’d like to think that the predictor was too conservative and I have it in me to get through that. Maybe it’s a mind over matter thing.

It looks like it’s going to be a chilly run: Last time I checked the forecast it was supposed to be 7ºC with light rain and 25km/h winds. But, I tend to run really warm, so cold works better for me.

I’m going to try take out all the stops and run with bare arms on Sunday. I always seem to overheat, when running, so I’m going to race in a singlet again. I just ordered one from Half Fanatics. I had such a good time running with my Marathon Maniacs singlet at Disney World that I thought this could bring me a similarly awesome vibe.

Trying out my Half Fanatics singlet before the Mississauga Half-marathon 2016
Trying out my Half Fanatics singlet before the Mississauga Half-marathon 2016



  • A Goal: <2:00:00
    Might as well aim for the moon, right? This will be a hard. A running calculator took my 5k predictor run time from a few weeks ago and said I could do a half-marathon in 2:13:44. That suggests that this pace is unattainable. 
    Race Pace: 5:41
    Walk-Adjusted Race Pace: 5:27 min/km
  • B Goal: <2:03:22
    This number is etched in my mind because it’s my half-marathon PB that I set during the Chilly Half-Marathon in 2012. It’s very close to 2:00, and perhaps out of my range for this Sunday too, but it’s nice to dream. 
    Race Pace: 5:50 min/km
    Walk-Adjusted Race Pace: 5:32 min/km
  • C Goal: <2:08:13
    This was my fastest time from the Mississauga Half-Marathon which I also set in 2012. 2012 must have been a good year for me! 
    Race Pace: 6:04 min/km
    Walk-Adjusted Race Pace: 5:46 min/km
  • D Goal: <2:14:10
    I ran the Chilly Half-Marathon earlier this year in 2:14:10. By my own admission, I wasn’t pushing as hard as I could have and was just trying to enjoy it. It would be nice to be able to say that I did better after another two months of training.
    Race Pace: 6:21 min/km
    Walk-Adjusted Race Pace: 6:02 min/km
  • E Goal: Upright and smiling
    I have nothing to prove really, so just finishing in one piece will feel pretty good.
  • F Goal: Don’t Crap My Pants (h/t Nicole)


I’m either going to rock it spectacularly, or have a spectacular burnout. Either way, you can all look forward to an interesting race report afterwards!

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  1. Robin Brunet says:

    Good luck on Sunday Paul, hope to see you there. You can do it I’m sure….Hopefully the wind not too strong. I always ignore the predictors, for me they are never right…most of my marathons have been run at “unattainable” times (according to them). Knock em dead. Good luck to your girlfriend in achieving her goal on Saturday as well, that’s awesome.

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