April 1, 2016

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Coming To Mississauga!

by pyrad
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In the noise of social media and so much other noise clouding our airwaves and blogospheres, you may have missed an exciting piece of news: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is finally coming to the Greater Toronto Area! Actually to Mississauga, which is the GREATER area than Toronto anyways.

Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Series coming to Mississauga!
Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon Series coming to Mississauga!

With Vancouver and Montreal hosting Rock ‘n’ Roll series events, many Ontario runners felt left out. Why should Vancouver and Montreal have such a huge, trendy, expensive, corporate-driven monstrosity of a tour race? Enough of this running for the love of sport or “charity.” Vain people in Toronto want to be rock stars too! But not in their own city. They’d rather make a mess in their neighbouring city.

Details are slim, but it will have a decidedly different routes than the Mississauga Marathon. The Race Expo will be held at the Hershey Centre, but it’s spelled Hershey CentER on the website because American spellcheck is confused by our Canadianisms.


The race courses will spend much more time in the Square One area, including laps inside the mall, which is deserted late at night and early morning anyways. The course will also feature several Mississauga City Centre features like the Absolute World (nicknamed the Marilyn Monroe towers), Playdium, Kariya ParkMississauga Central Library, and Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus. The finish line for all events will take place in Mississauga Celebration Square in the shadow of Mississauga City Hall with some sort of local musical group. And of course, Hazel McCallion herself will be there to shake the hands of all finishers. She may not be Mayor anymore, but everyone seems to still think she is.


A special feature for this event is the “Mall Walk 2km.” Mall walking in Square One is almost a sport in itself. Now, Saturday morning warriors can pay big American dollars to do their same morning mall-walk and get a medal! It’s expected to sell out quickly.

Click here to register! See you there!!!

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  1. Robin Brunet says:

    Interesting. I was worried at first they were taking over the Mississauga Marathon!

  2. Andrea says:

    You’re totally April Fooling us! (Which I only figured out after clicking your registration link, looking at the RnR marathon’s website and facebook page, and following them on twitter so I can get updates on this race).