May 29, 2012

Radcliffe Heraldry

by pyrad
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This post isn’t actually about running, but I wanted to share it anyways.

On my trip to Londom for the Virgin London Marathon, I happened upon a gentleman named David Linstead in a market who made coat of arms plaques. It took him only a few minutes to research what the Radcliffe Hearaldry would l have looked liked. I have wanted one for a while, so I commissioned him to make one for me. It arrived in the mail recently.

Radcliffe Heraldry including Coat of Arms, Crest and Motto. By David Linstead

He also sent me a certificate explaining everything.

The banner at the bottom says “virtus propter se” which roughly translated from Latin means “virtue for its own sake.” The coat of arms is described as: “Argent two bendlets engrailed sable” which I guess means the two black curving band things.

Crest: A Bull’s head erased. sa. horns, arg. tipped, or, sorged with a ducal coronet of the 2nd.

I’m quite pleased with the final product. It’s nice to have a piece of your history like this. I don’t have a logo or anything, so I’m planning on using it for some iconography around the website.

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