February 9, 2016

January 2016 Review

by pyrad
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As promised, my first of the monthly reviews for 2016 as promised in my New Year’s Resolutions.

I’m going to incorporate a new feature to this year’s reviews with a little table summarizing progress. Monthly summary at a glance:

January 2016 at a glance
Starting Current Change To Go
Weight (lbs.) 194.4 194.0 -0.4
Fat (lbs.) 48.4 47.9 -0.4 12.9
Goal This Month Annual Average
Hours Sleep 8.00 6.94 6.94
Starting Current Change To Go
PMP PDUs 48.5 48.5 0 6.5
This Month Year to Date
Running KM’s 142 km 142 km


I suppose the biggest feature of January 2016 was that I ran the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge, again. I’ve done a full marathon for 2016 now, so I don’t feel overly compelled to go for 42.2km again this calendar year. The leadup and recovery from the race saw a drastic reduction in mileage, reduced weight training intensity, and increase in calories. This is obviously not great for overall health, but part of marathon cycle.

Returning to the hotel after running the Walt Disney World Marathon
Returning to the hotel after running the Walt Disney World Marathon


Another BIG deal is that I’m leading another half-marathon clinic at the Running Room! This is my 7th clinic as an instructor. It’s a really keen group and I’m very motivated to help them reach their goals and train with them. But it does take a fair amount of my leisure attention and pins down quite a bit of time.

There is a group within that clinic that’s VERY keen and hoping for aggressive times at the Chilly Half-Marathon in March. So I crafted an “advanced” program inspired by with some extra mileage and some Jack Daniels’ inspired quality workouts. They wanted harder training; they got harder training!

January is also perennially famous for spikes in gym attendance every year with lot of “January People” or “resolutionists”, and this year was no exception. Fortunately for me, I was mostly only doing mobility and light workouts early in January before the Disney races, and by the time I got back from Disney things had quieted down quite a bit. And by the end of the month, the workouts weren’t light anymore!

However, 3 days of running and 3 days of heavy weight training are taking their toll on me. I wake up sore almost every day. I’m ravenously hungry but I’m starting to worry about how much is too much. I wish there was more time in the week.


And, one last highlight of January: Sharise and I attended a really nice gala called “Snow Ball” hosted by Steps Dance Studio. It wasn’t what I expected. We attended a “Social” at the studio in December and I was a little underwhelmed. But this was a very different experience. I had taken a grand total of two Bachata classes at that point, and about six salsa classes, but I was pleasantly surprised I was able to lead and enjoy dancing. There were also A LOT of performances by people training at Steps. Some of these performances would rival what you’d see on Dancing with the Stars! And, perhaps the best highlight was this really nice photo that someone took.

Dancing with Sharise at Steps Dance Studio's "Snow Ball" event in January (photo from their Facebook page; photo by Leemarc Lao)
Dancing with Sharise at Steps Dance Studio’s “Snow Ball” event in January (photo from their Facebook page; photo by Leemarc Lao)




Goal: Reduce Body Fat to 35 pounds by the end of 2016
Status: Made progress! 0.5 pounds

Date Weight (pounds) Body Fat % Body Fat (pounds)
December 31, 2015 194.4 24.9% 48.4
February 2, 2016 194.0 26.9% 47.9


Well, at least it was in the right direction. Considering I lost a good chunk of the month to marathon and recover, and poor sleep, this is a great step in the right direction.

But, that still means 12.9 pounds of fat to lose over 11 months. Fairly steep, but a pound or two a month is quite doable. A pound or two a WEEK should be possible, but that may be more effort than I require.

But, I am definitely seeing the effects of this weight loss. So many of my clothes aren’t fitting properly anymore. As a genuine example, in the photo above of where I’m dancing, the arms on that shirt look WAY too large. That shirt fit more or less properly 2-3 years ago. And I don’t have any belts that fit anymore. The belt I’m currently using is my smallest, and even on it’s smallest setting my pant waist feels too loose. In August, I ordered some new fancy belts through a Kickstarter for a company called Magzook that made really neat belts, but I STILL haven’t heard from them (thought they took my money). I’m hoping that their belts come soon or I’ll have to buy another belt in the meantime.


Goal: My average hours of sleep will be at least 8 hours per night in 2016
Status: Average 6.97… HAHAHA, Nope 🙁

January 2016 Nightly Hours of Sleep

I didn’t get to 8 hours a night. I didn’t even get to 7 hours a night! I imagine that was rather detrimental to weight loss and training. I’ll have to go WAY over 8 hours a day to pull the annual average back to something a little better.

But I know I need that sleep. I need it to heal my body, assist with weight loss, and keep myself healthy and sane.


Goal: I will earn at least 6.5 more PMP PDU’s by the end of 2016
Status: Zero.

I’ll be honest, my energy and attention at lunch and after work has been on the new clinic I’m leading. Hopefully I can re-direct a little in February and start pinging these off. Seeing the big zero is rather concerning, so perhaps knowing a February review is coming up will motivate me further!


Goal: Save Money
Status: Some saved.

It’s hard to get an exact number for January because some items on my credit cards don’t get reconciled until mid-February. But by a rough, “back-of-the-envelope” calculation I’ve accumulated a bit of money. I won’t publish how much, but it’s nice that it’s definitely on the plus side. Being more selective with discretionary spending in February should make that number a lot larger.

I haven’t bought any of the big items from my expected expenses list yet, but I was very tempted to buy a Garmin Forerunner 630 earlier this month when they were on sale.



These are actually pretty hard to update. Now I see why I made my 2015 resolutions mostly quantitative! I suppose I’ll only update those items that have relevance to the last month.


Goal: Set a new Half-Marathon PB

I have a shot on March 6, 2016 at the Chilly Half-Marathon. I’m not overly confident about beating 2:03:22 at this event in about 4 weeks, but I may surprise myself. I think I’ll have a better shot for the Mississauga Half-marathon


Goal: Document More

It was entirely possible for me to not do the race report for Walt Disney World, but I felt it was important to share and record before my memories fade.


Goal: Publish Monthly Reviews

Here’s my first one! You’re reading one right now!



February promises to be quite a challenging month. The last ramp-up to the Chilly Half-Marathon will hit me hard this month. And I plan to continue hitting the gym hard.

To keep my body from tearing itself apart, I need to be more diligent about stretching and foam rolling. It’s time consuming and not a lot of fun, but it is absolutely necessary for keeping myself in one piece.

I’m challenged to find time and energy for dance classes. I’m actually starting to enjoy them, especially after Snow Ball because now I feel like there are “event” I get to aim towards, like preparing for a race. I suppose it’s a question of priorities. I suppose I can always come back at some point.


And I’m going to try to get a handle on my food intake so that I’m not so “rungry” all the time. The holidays are over; time to get into the Lenten Discipline spirit!

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  1. Mark Young says:

    Do you prefer bachata or salsa?

    • That’s a really good question, Mark. Ideally I’d like to keep learning both, and more.
      I learned salsa first, so I have a little more experience and a greater affinity for it. But I find that salsa gets rather frantic when the music is faster.
      So far, I find bachata a little more comfortable to dance and enjoy, but that may be because the steps are so basic for now. Also, bachata is Sharise’s favourite, so that influences me a lot too.

  2. Mark Young says:

    I know very little bachata; thought about learning more, but classes I’d seen conflicted with running times.
    Hope you can keep learning more dancing!

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