June 1, 2012

Mississauga Half-Marathon 2012 Race Report

Date Event Goal Time Chip Time Gun Time
2012/05/06 Mississsauga Half-Marathon Fun Run 2:08:13.8 2:12:53.7

This was quite a fun run! I ran the Mississauga Half-Marathon recently wearing costume as a fundraiser for the Trillium Health Centre Foundation.

You’ve probably already seen the fun posts of me posing in my superhero outfit before the race. You haven’t? Go see:

One more funny picture:

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, it's a badly photoshopped runner!! (Modified from photo by Dina Ghobrial)

The fundraising and running for fun was a great combination. It meant I could run relaxed, not stress about getting a personal best and be silly wearing a costume.

A SUPER BIG THANK YOU to everyone who donated to campaign! I raised $785!!


After finishing the Mississauga Half-Marathon. Modified from photo by Bob Didier
Now the detailed race report:
With some Square One Running Room runners before the Mississauga Marathon and Half-Marathon (Photo By Iva Ouzounova)

I really like the Mississauga Marathon and Half-Marathon because Square One Running Room members can honestly say that we’re the home team. We assemble at the Square One Running Room like any other Sunday. There are just 4000 or so other people too on race day!

It was fun showing up to the starting area in my costume! Waving my cape around and making a big show of it was fun. I posed for lots of photos and some people I hadn’t seen in a while like Alan T.
I acted really nonchalant with my half-marathon clinic members, chatting with them as if we were getting for any old Sunday run.

Super Paul and with Uber-Amar! (Photo by Marsha Duggan)

I seeded myself way back at the sign that said 2:24 half-marathon. When I saw the 2:30 pace bunny was 200 feet in front of me I realized that the seeding didn’t work anyways.


The things I’ll do for charity… (Photo by Brian Clark)

One person donated to my fundraising campaign on the condition that I wear a mask at the starting line. He was even nice enough to provide the mask. I looked really silly and could barely see. I tossed the mask away after less than 1km. I’m pretty sure I still had sparkles on my face for the rest of the race.

I liked how the course went right across City Centre Drive in front of City Hall. It’s one of the few iconic Mississauga landmarks, so I’m glad it’s on the route. I think we turned onto Burnhamthorpe Road earlier last year because the road in front of City Hall was closed.

Looking back about 500 meters after the starting line you could also see the Absolute “Marylin Monroe” towers.


A lot of people passed me in the first kilometer. Rookies… Long way to go.

Not long in, I settled into running with Brian from my clinic. He was taking photos along the way, so some of the photos I’m sharing were taken by him. I had never raced together with someone, but it made the event a lot more fun.

Running the Mississauga Half-Marathon. Brian Clark is on the right (Photo by ZoomPhoto.ca)

Racing with Brian also made for a very interesting race. We seeded ourselves really far back because I planned on taking it easy. Brian had other ideas. He was constantly passing people. Because of that we kept up a fairly aggressive pace. We caught the 2:30 pace bunny around 4km, and the 2:15 pace bunny around 8km. We were passing a lot of people! 

I got a lot of fun comments from people as I passed them:
“I want a cape!”
“Go Superman”
“Who made your cape?” (I replied “My mother!”)
Early in the race I realized that the cape was going to be super warm. By bunching it up around my neck I was able to let some heat out through my arms and shoulders. Unfortunately, it meant it was hard to see the cape from in front of me. But those Brian and I passed got to see my cape!

10 To 15 km

About 10km in is the Mississauga Road Hill. I was well prepared for it because we ran it as a group a few weeks before. I also made a youtube video of when we ran up the hill during training. I attacked the hill hard or race day, and Brian and I passed a lot of people again. However, at the top of the hill I had to walk and I lost Brian for about 3km.

Running the Mississauga Half-Marathon. My cape fluttering epically (Photo by ZoomPhoto.ca)

I caught up with him around 14km right before the half and full courses split.


My stomach started feeling strange around 15km. A lot like the cramps I had during London. It became very uncomfortable to run. I was tempted to stop at a porta-potty.

Brian took off around 19km and I took an extra long walk break to try to settle my stomach.

I need to figure out what I ate that made my stomach hurt so much. I suspect it was the Powerade that I had in my running belt bottles. Maybe it’s expired. Or maybe it’s the Clif Shots. Either way, I’m going to remove both from my training regiment. I think I’m going to go back to Honey Stingers.

I had a good final push to the finish line. Finishing with the half-marathon was a very different experience than last year with the full because there were still lots of runners and spectator around.

Crossing the finish line, the finish line announcer said “Love The Cape!” That made me happy.

I was very happy with my time of 2:08:13. It’s not a personal best, but I’m very proud that I beat my Ottawa Half-Marathon time while running relaxed and comfortable. Brian finished about a minute in front of me.

Mississauga Half-Marathon Race Shirt and Medal

I’m particularly happy with the race shirts this year. They were a really scratchy, heavy material in 2011. This year the race shirts are a very, very nice UnderArmour brand shirt. The medal is pretty nice too. I like that they featured the Port Credit Lighthouse on the medal; it’s an iconic local landmark. The medal’s ribbon is a little shorter than most. It’s pretty similar to the medal from the Oakville Half-Marathon. Landmark Sport Group Inc. organizes both races, so I imagine they get the medals for both races from the same supplier. 

It was a great race and I’m looking forward to doing the full Mississauga Marathon in 2013. I think I will try to recruit a team of superheroes to fundraise together next year!

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  1. Henry says:

    So the Shot Bloks didn’t agree with you, huh. They work really well for me personally, other than getting a bit too hard in cold weather.
    If you need to dump your supplies, I’m your guy 😛

  2. Alan says:

    Good report, Paul, and great photos! Thanks!

  3. Ali Mc says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these 🙂 the race recap and the photos just made me fall on my ass laughing 🙂 I think that’s a great time and from someone that’s never run a half before I would kill for a time like that :)I’m doing a 5k in Oakville next Sunday!

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  5. Sam says:

    Coming over to check out your recap from Ali’s blog! Love the pictures. I wish that I had seen you at Mississauga, you would have made my day! I really enjoyed this course too, although I had no idea about the hill at 10K until we got there. Surprise! LOL Great run, and great job on your fundraising! Yay you! 🙂

  6. love the cape! great guest post on Ali’s blog, the blue looks good on you

  7. macnic says:

    Awesome report, race and costume! I think I’m going to do the half next year and do the full at Ottawa. Well done!

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