November 13, 2015

October Review

This report is a little late, but an important milestone in the year, nonetheless.

This one last month to prove to myself that I was a marathoner.

This month was highlighted by some gruelingly long runs: 25km, 27km, then a half-marathon. I know other marathoners usually swear by having one or two twenty-milers in their season, but having lost several weeks to a foot injury, I had to back off a bit this season.

I wrote a review of how much I enjoyed using myfitnesspal. I will probably continue to use it.

I can see the finish line!
I can see the finish line!


And of course, I ran the New York City Marathon. I know it was technically November 1, but I feel like the marathon itself fits within the realm of October and acts as a demarcation point of one season to another.

But, maybe even more than the marathon, meeting my love Sharise may be the biggest highlight of the month, if not my year!






Goal: LOSE 20 POUNDS OF FAT by the end of 2015
Status: Actual progress!

Date Weight (pounds) Body Fat % Body Fat (pounds)
December 30, 2014 205.4 26.8% 55.0
January 27, 2015 202.4 26.9% 54.4
February 25, 2015 204.6 25.5% 52.1
March 31, 2015 206.2 25.6% 54.6
April 28, 2015 207.6 27.1% 56.3
June 2, 2015 205.6 26.8% 55.1
June 30, 2015 200.8 26.3% 52.8
July 28, 2015 199.6 29.7% 59.3
September 1, 2015 202.0 31.3% 63.2
September 29, 2015 200.2 26.5% 53.1
November 3, 2015 199.0 25.5% 50.7

think I’m finally getting a handle on this weight-loss business. I really do need the three-pronged approach of nutrition, exercise, and sleep. The laser-like focus I needed heading into the goal marathon certainly helped. The first couple weeks of November will probably be a write-off in this category, but once I’m back into routine I hope to continue this progress. 

Perhaps the most important element is watching the nutrition closely. I can focus much more on calorie reduction and maximizing non-carbohydrate macronutrients (i.e. protein and healthy fats). I was reluctant to really shut down carb intake in October because of the impending marathon. But now that I’m in recovery and ramp-up period, I can do more detailed experiments with nutrition.


Status: Average 7.55… Oops!

September 2015 nightly hours of sleep
September 2015 nightly hours of sleep

After the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon I knew that an important part of tapering was getting enough sleep. It was a challenge to set aside the time for 8+ hours of sleep, but the effects are wonderful: Less appetite, faster recovery, better focus, and even cosmetic changes like fewer lines on my face.

Actually going to bed before 10pm is a challenge. And catching up by going to bed before 9pm some nights is even more challenging!


Goal: Earn 45 PMP PDU’s by the end of 2015
Status: 43.5! One and half more! 

Being productive with my unpaid lunches, I continued to earn PMI PDU’s by online courses. This month was “Direct, Manage, and Control Project Work.” I’m getting pretty close to that goal now.

Actually, I know I’ll have 10 hours coming in 2016-2017 from working in this field, so I only need to get up to 5o in total. It would be nice to reach 50 by the end of 2015 and then not have to worry about it at all for a long time!


Next Steps

I don’t get much of a reprieve. I did the CN Tower Stair Climb exactly one week after the New York City Marathon. After a little rest I’ve just started training for the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge. I suppose my goal is to get back into a routine in November.

And, I’m pacing the Tannenbaum 10k on December 6, and peer pressure encouraged me to do the Egg Nog Jog again on December 13.


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  1. Robin says:

    Great post and Sharise looks lovely!! So happy for you….

  2. macnic says:

    Fantastic month! So happy for your relationship as well! <3 I totally agree with you about sleep and watching the food intake. I'm planning to watch these way more closely this year to see how it helps my training as well. Hope all goes well as you ramp up again to Goofy!!!

  3. Mark Young says:

    If you’re looking to keep carb intake high while in marathon training, without packing on pounds, the best time for carb intake is after a workout. The second best time is about 2-3 hours before a workout.

  4. As says:

    Rest is important mate. Make sure you schedule some in with such a busy itinerary

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