October 3, 2015

September Review

Back to reality and buckling down after a rough August. I’ve been executing the action plan pretty aggressively.

There are several things I quite enjoyed this month. The most was the cooler temperatures! But I didn’t really like how sunset is getting earlier and earlier.

I have also discovered that my favourite thing is sleep. Definitely sleep. 9 hours of sleep in a night is the most amazing feeling and I will fight like a monster to continue to be able to do that!

A highlight of this month was definitely pacing the Oakville Half-Marathon. It was very confidence boosting to run that far and not be physically ruined. I have high hopes going into the final month of training this season!

I also get very, very meticulous about doing food logging with myfitnesspal. It has been a very eye-opening experience. For the first week I didn’t actively try to change my eating habits and learned a lot about the foods I was eating. In the second week I focused on trying to get my protein intake about 150 grams/day without spiking calories. I’m starting to get into a zone now of a consistent, rather low calorie diet plus extras targeted directly pre- or post-workout.

Net calories per day by myfitnesspal. The red line is my BMR, so any day below that should contribute to weight loss
Net calories per day by myfitnesspal. The red line is my BMR, so any day below that should contribute to weight loss

I appreciate that this definitely isn’t 100% accurate, but it gives me a good idea of how I’m doing, and forces me to reconsider every piece of food I put in my mouth, and the benefits of every workout.


Goal: LOSE 20 POUNDS OF FAT by the end of 2015
Status: Finally back from the wilderness

Date Weight (pounds) Body Fat % Body Fat (pounds)
December 30, 2014 205.4 26.8% 55.0
January 27, 2015 202.4 26.9% 54.4
February 25, 2015 204.6 25.5% 52.1
March 31, 2015 206.2 25.6% 54.6
April 28, 2015 207.6 27.1% 56.3
June 2, 2015 205.6 26.8% 55.1
June 30, 2015 200.8 26.3% 52.8
July 28, 2015 199.6 29.7% 59.3
September 1, 2015 202.0 31.3% 63.2
September 29, 2015 200.2 26.5% 53.1

Well, that’s more like it. It really is true that you get fit in the gym, and lose weight in the kitchen. Well, after really watching my incoming food, there has been obvious change.

As I mentioned earlier, the nutrition tracking on myfitnesspal is really helping. Any of you on myfitnesspal and want to add me as a friend?

I’m noticing that my clothes are fitting much loser. I tried tightening my belt and realized I ran out of holes! Some people have also noted that they see changes in me too, which is pretty motivating.

Hopefully, knowing that the New York Marathon is a month away will help maintain my motivation and discipline for just a little longer.


Status: Average 7.88… SO CLOSE!

September 2015 nightly hours of sleep


Entering the month’s data I can see the average shift with each new entry. It looks like I was hovering very close to 8 until the last couple days of the month. I’m happy with this result. I’ll need to keep it up through the final month of this season.


Goal: Earn 45 PMP PDU’s by the end of 2015
Status: 41! One and half more! 

This month’s mind-numbing treat was “Project Management Overview.” It’s really, really fundamental stuff about the Knowledge Areas, Process Groups, and definitions of things like phases, product life cycle, and project life cycle.

But, it’s a lovely way to spend my unpaid lunch hours…



Next Steps

Crunch time now. Now or never. The final countdown. *Insert additional cliche here*

The goal race is only a month away, and that does make me nervous. I’ll admit that I lose focus and motivation some days, but the looming full marathon in less than 30 days helps to snap me back to reality.

I’m also starting to peek at what’s just beyond November 1. That’s another story for another post.



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