August 20, 2015

#TBT Great Photo Where I Wasn’t Wearing Pants

by pyrad
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I liked the trip down memory lane last week so much that I dug through some other old documents from my university days in hopes of finding some more Throwback Thursday (#TBT) gems.

I found my old F!rosh Handbook from the fall of 2006 (At UofT Engineering, Freshmen Orientation was referred to as F!rosh Week, and the exclamation mark came early because it was such an exciting event). This book was produced for engineering students that were entering first year at the University of Toronto in the fall of 2006. The editor of this publication, Ariel Feldman did a really good job with the graphics, theme, and content. In a lovely parody, he did a cover inspired by Die Another Day, the most recently released James Bond movie at the time.

Cover of the F!rosh Handbook 1T0 produced by University of Toronto Engineering Society in 2006. The theme of the year's book was "Secret Agents"
Cover of the F!rosh Handbook 1T0 produced by University of Toronto Engineering Society in 2006. The theme of the year’s book was “Secret Agents”

The academic year of 2006-2007 would be my last undergraduate year at UofT. During that academic year I had a position in the student government of Vice-President Finance, so I got to write a blurb for the F!rosh Handbook.

Greeings F!rosh and welcome to Engineering at the University of Toronto, or Skule™ as we affectionaly call it. I am the VP Finance (aka VP Bling, aka VP Moneybags) of your Engineering Society. As you may know, all full-time undergraduate students are members of the Society. My job is to oversee responsible allocation of the Society’s resources and make sure you get the most for your money. Find out more than you ever wanted to know about the Society’s finances at  Your primary mission for the next four years or so is academics. This is your training to become a professional engineer. So, go to lectures, tutorials and labs. Study hard! Do your problem sets, finish projects and assignments and write tests. Remember, you are not alone! Get help from your TAs, professors, your peers and dozens of other student services throughout the campus.  Your secondary objective should be to create great memories. These are what you’ll remember  long after you’ve forgotten Jacobian transformations and quantum spin numbers! Budget your time well and come out to events, clubs, and committees. Good luck, and enjoy your time at Skule™
My blurb as VP Finance in the 2006 F!rosh Handbook


The blub wasn’t really anything special. I’ve transcribed it as an “alt text” for the above image. But, there’s a neat story that goes with the blurb’s accompanying photo. The editor of the publication asked photos that corresponded to the theme. So, in the summer of 2006, I set up my camera on a timer, put on a suit like any good spy, and took some photos with my white hardhat. The photo I settled on is one where it looks like I’m sneaking it away. I like the photo so much that I used it as my Facebook Profile photo for a while.


Photo used for F!rosh Handbook 2010 which I later used as a Facebook Profile Photo
Photo used for F!rosh Handbook 1T0 (fall 2006) which I later used as a Facebook Profile Photo

But, here’s a secret about this photo I haven’t shared until now: I wasn’t wearing any pants when this photo was taken.

Getting dressed up in the suit I wasn’t particularly inclined to dress up completely. If I wore them I might crease them and have to get them dry cleaned, and I didn’t want to do that. No one was going to see my bottom half anyways in this photo, so I shrugged and was lazy about it. Looking back it’s kinda funny to think that I looked so professional on the top half, and was in my boxers just outside the screen frame.

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