October 6, 2015

So, What Next?

Yeah, I’ve got the hardest part of my season still ahead of me, but I like to think ahead. I’m constantly scheming and planning. It helps me distract myself during training to think about what’s next. And it helps to keep me focused through a season to see that life goes on after

I appreciate that it’s almost inappropriate to try to plan so far ahead even though I’m still about 4 weeks from my goal race of the New York City Marathon. 11427417_1208864909139469_4288283229212673881_o

But, I’ve already registered to running the Goofy Challenge again in January. It requires a special kind of preparation to do a marathon and half back-to-back, but I’ve done it before, so I know how to do it again. There’s a great training program by Jeff Galloway that Run Disney shared, and I plan to mix it with Jenny Handfield’s Dopey Training Plan that I used in the fall of 2013 to create a new plan. This will give me a schedule to keep after my current training season to get ready for the Disney races. But, to me, the Disneyworld races are just meant to be fun.

November 2015 Training Plan
November 2015 Training Plan

A lot of runners “slack off” and recover in November and December, and rightfully so. It would be nice to have a long recovery after the New York Marathon, but with Disney so close, that’s not going to happen. And having the looming goal will help keep me motivated as it gets cold and dark.

A big feature of this plan is the “back-to-back” runs. None of them are very long, but doing long-ish Saturday AND Sunday runs will be important to start to simulate the Goofy effect.

December 2015 Training Plan
December 2015 Training Plan


December would be similar with modestly increasing mileage. I’m already registered to the Resolution Run again, but there are other opportunities to add races to December:


The mileage for these races would fit nicely into the plan and give me a little extra motivation to get out there.
Any other races I could potentially add to this list?
Any of you doing any of these races?



But then what…???


There are possibilities. I like having options.

I’m not sure I want to be a clinic instructor again. After retiring, twice, I’m quite enjoying this “freelance” training business. It’s a little lonely training mostly alone, but it’s also rather liberating being free to set my own training schedule. And, quite frankly, not many other people are interested in #5amRunClub :p

I’ve already registered for the Chilly Half-Marathon 2016. If all goes well, it will be my 6th year in a row.

I’ve run Around The Bay four and a half times, and I’ll be doing it another third of a time in April. I’ve registered to to ATB as part of a 3-person relay team. It will be funny to say that I’ve run Around The Bay four and 5/6 times!

And I registered for the Mississauga Half-Marathon at the expo for the Oakville Half-Marathon a couple weeks ago. Looks like my spring season is already set!

But what else could I do in the spring of 2016? There are quite a few little races I haven’t done like the Sporting Life 10k, and Yonge Street 10k. And there are old favourites like Harry’s Spring Run Off and Mercedes-Benz Oakville 10k. Any other spring runs I should be considering?

And, as an example of me planning WAY too far ahead, I’m actually already looking at the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend events for January 2017! Disney World does a really, really good job of hosting races, and I look forward to every trip there. I know a couple of friends that are going so it will be nice to run with friends. This upcoming January I’m going with family and don’t know anyone running, so I’m worried that the 39.3 miles will feel pretty lonely. Do you know anyone else running Disney World in January?

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  1. Robin says:

    Can’t wait to hear all about New York, what a fun adventure to look forward to. See you at Egg Nog Jog in December.!

    • Thanks Robin! New York will probably be a huge experience.

      I haven’t registered for the Egg Nog Jog yet. Maybe I should now that you mention it…

  2. macnic says:

    Do the Egg Nog Jog. There are like 10 people you know doing it (Robin, Sam, Emma, Kimberley etc). I will as well if it fits in the hockey schedule.

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