September 5, 2015

August Review

by pyrad
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I said this would be a make or break month. Unfortunately, it became a break month.

I started the month with a much needed vacation. Getting away from work and sleeping about 9 hours a day did wonders to restore my mood. Then I hit training hard again. But it seems I hit it too hard the week of August 10 and did something awful to my right foot. I didn’t run at all for the last 2 weeks of August.




One of the most marvellous things I enjoyed at the beginning of this month was disconnecting. I went a whole day during my vacation at the beginning of this month without turning on my phone. Then, I learned I was running low on data on my plan, so I simply shut off the mobile data service. It’s almost a relief not to get bombarded at irregular intervals by spam and not be tempted to distract myself with facebook or such.

(The phone functions are still on, so an emergency call or txt msg would still go through. It seems anything truly important would warrant such a direct contact response. There is no such thing as an “urgent” email)

I’ve also been getting better about shutting down my phone completely earlier at night. I used to wither away precious minutes before bed reviewing random things. I hope I can keep up this productive habit.


Overtrain Wreck

Maybe overtained the week of August 10-16. Here’s what I recorded on DailyMile for the week:

  • Monday, August 10: 4x10min Threshold Intervals, total 9.65km (#5amRunClub)
  • Tuesday, August 11: Weight Training, squats, reverse lunges and row
  • Wednesday, August 12: 4 Hills, total 5.26km (#5amRunClub)
  • Wednesday, August 12: “Warm-up” run, 6.57km
  • Wednesday, August 12: Stretching at Gym
  • Thursday, August 13: Weight Training, Squats, Bench Press, Sitting Row, Walking Lunges, Planks
  • Friday, August 14: Run 6.69km (#5amRunClub)
  • Saturday, August 15: Run 23km
  • Sunday, August 16: 3.4km

I definitely felt the effects of overtraining by the end of that week. See below for descriptive infographics.



So, on the morning of Sunday the 16th, the top of my left foot hurt. I didn’t think much of it. I scaled back on my runs for the week but still went to the gym full blast. When I tried to run on the morning of Saturday, August 22 the pain on my foot was almost unbearable.

So, what happened? It could simply be overtraining. I was also trying a new show that was half a size to small, which could have caused unnecessary stress.

I was pretty devastated thinking I couldn’t run anymore. It felt like my whole season was about to evaporate. If it was a stress fracture I would be out 6-8 weeks! I immediately withdrew from pacing the Oakville Half-Marathon.

I’ve had an x-ray and bone scan since stopping. It seems to have healed up rather well. I’ll start gradually building up mileage again in hopes of making it to the New York City Marathon.



Goal: LOSE 20 POUNDS OF FAT by the end of 2015
Status: I don’t trust the scale anymore

Date Weight (pounds) Body Fat % Body Fat (pounds)
December 30, 2014 205.4 26.8% 55.0
January 27, 2015 202.4 26.9% 54.4
February 25, 2015 204.6 25.5% 52.1
March 31, 2015 206.2 25.6% 54.6
April 28, 2015 207.6 27.1% 56.3
June 2, 2015 205.6 26.8% 55.1
June 30, 2015 200.8 26.3% 52.8
July 28, 2015 199.6 29.7% 59.3
September 1, 2015 202.0 31.3% 63.2

Not running for the back half of the month certainly wasn’t good for me. But, I don’t exactly trust these numbers anymore. I have very little faith in the body fat percentage calculated by my scale anymore.

As a habit, my weigh-ins are always on Tuesdays. But, see below for how Tuesday varied with Wednesday:

Date Weight (pounds) Body Fat % Body Fat (pounds)
September 1, 2015 202.0 31.3% 63.2
September 2, 2015 201.2 26.5% 53.3

So, I didn’t lose 10 pounds of fat in a day. I know it doesn’t work like that. But I know I’m making progress. My clothes are fitting much more loosely. I can see the changes in the mirror. I’ll just trust that the true number is somewhere in there and hope to keep a good trend.



Status: Average 7.87… *shrug*

August 2015 nightly hours of sleep


As I was entering this month’s sleep hours data, I noticed that the moving average was nicely above 8 hours a night until the week when it all fell apart. This is just another reminder of how importing it is to have quality sleep.


Goal: Earn 45 PMP PDU’s by the end of 2015
Status: 39.5! Two more again! On track! 

Well, technically I finished this last lunchtime, online course on September 1st, but I’ll count it towards my August goal. This month’s mind-numbing treat was “Managing Projects Within Organizations.” I finished the last series and this is the first in the new series of courses. However, it’s back to the fundamentals and starting from scratch again so it’s even more boring.



Next Steps


I’m expecting that the x-ray and bone scan will report that I’m good to go. I’m drawing up a plan to build up mileage again. I have about 2 months so I think it should be possible. I need to stay focused on sleep too and make sure I don’t overdo it again.

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