May 23, 2015

Change of Plans

by pyrad
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I love making plans. For whatever reason, I feel sad whenever my plans change. But, a change in the plan is just an opportunity to do more planning.


The first big change is that I have committed to a 1-year membership with Goodlife Fitness.

I’ve been debating switching gyms for a while. I was debating between staying with the City of Mississauga Parks and Recreation fitness clubs or switching to Goodlife Fitness. My trainer with the City has “retired” from doing personal training, so that kind of sealed my decision to switch to Goodlife.

I got a nice trial pass at the expo for the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon and tried out my local location a few times. It’s an odd layout there because it used to be a movie theatre, and it has an odd vibe, but it will provide me with the facilities to do strength training and cardio on inclimite weather days. I got a pretty sweet corporate deal that includes towel service. I’ll probably invest in their “LifeChanger” program that includes detailed health and fitness assessment and 6 personal training sessions.

My poor credit card, but I hope it will be worth it. If anything, being aware of the money I’ve spent should help motivate me to make the most of it.



This is the second time I’ve announced that I’m “retiring” as a Running Room instructor.

I mentioned a couple of times that I was expecting to lead a half-marathon clinic this summer. I like leading clinics, sharing my experience, and helping other runners reach their goals. Being required to lead certain short runs may have been a bit of a drag considering I’m training for a full-marathon. But, I know I’ll be away many weekends of the summer, and so the manager chose someone else to lead this summer’s half-marathon clinic.

I feel a little disappointed, but most negatives can also an opportunity. Since I’m not required to attend any runs, I have much more freedom and flexibility to schedule my training. And I don’t have to run the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-marathon. Maybe I’ll do the CN Tower Stair Climb which I’ve missed for the last couple of years.

I was offered to attend often as a “group leader,” but I’m just not feeling like making that kind of commitment. Maybe I don’t wanna hang out at the Square One Running Room at all anymore. Maybe it’s just time to move on…

Well, with this opportunity for change, I’m going to make some modifications to my training plan. The first big change I’m going to do is move my “quality” runs to the evenings. After just one week of early morning (#5amRunClub) runs, I realize I feel a little rushed and don’t want to rush the “hard” and long runs. I’ll probably do the long runs on Wednesday nights. I may run with a Running Room clinic for whatever small distance their doing as a warm-up and so I don’t feel so lonely, then do more. I have Tai Chi classes until mid-July, but after that I can spend Monday evenings at a local track (oval torture chamber). That leaves Tuesday evening for weight training. And I can short runs on Tuesday, and Friday mornings. That leaves Thursday morning and evening free. I may even have time to have a social life :p

My Spring 2015 Training Plan: Foundation & Injury Prevention Phase (revised)
My Spring 2015 Training Plan: Foundation & Injury Prevention Phase (revised)

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