April 26, 2015

Photos from April 26 Training Run

by pyrad
Categories: General Running and/or Fitness
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We had a lovely field trip to the Ontario Place parking lot this morning to practice the last 15k of the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon. Here’s a collection of many of the photos we took. As always, click on any photo for a larger version.


IMG_20150426_083955 IMG_20150426_083955_1 IMG_20150426_084053 IMG_20150426_093001 IMG_20150426_093552 IMG_20150426_093647 (1)-IMG_7176 1468734_10152721301701496_1633953446360331775_n 11164810_10152721287691496_8052530369780996556_n 11196313_10152721343296496_4370482057033671514_n IMG_7168 IMG_7168-1 IMG_7169 IMG_7169-1 IMG_7170 IMG_7170-1 IMG_7171 IMG_7171-1 IMG_7172 IMG_7172-1 IMG_7173 IMG_7173-1 IMG_7174 IMG_7174-1 IMG_7175 IMG_7175-1 IMG_7176 IMG_20150426_082421

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