April 1, 2015

Run Backwards to Reverse the Effects of Running

It’s crunch time for those training for the spring marathon season, so any and all tips to help get you through these last tough weeks. Today I’m going to talk to you about a new form of running that will magically help you reverse the negative effects of running long distance! The secret is RUNNING BACKWARDS!

Run backwards! It reverses the negative effects of running! (source)

Backwards running, or “retro running” has long been known as a good form of cross-training. This alternative form of running helps strengthen stabilizing muscles by exposing them to unexpected motions.

But wait, there’s more! Dr. Jim Bean, a contemporary of Dr. Jack Daniels, takes the theory much further. He states that running backwards causes so much recovery that it negates the pain and harm of running forwards. In principle, it has the same effect as a “Tennessee Turn Back”. This is particularly valuable for those worried about the cumulative effect of running much longer distances.

For example: If your training plan suggested that you run 45km in a certain week, and you accidentally ran 50km, you have increased risk of injury. But, if you ran backwards for 5km, Dr. Bean says that it would negate the 5km and your body would feel like it only ran 45km that week.

Retro Running! It's all the rage!
Retro Running! It’s all the rage!

In fact, imagine the great effects this could have during a marathon! If you felt tired around the 31km mark of a marathon, you could run backwards for about 2km and feel like you’ve ONLY run 29km, while you actually made it to the 33km point (hopefully).

Dr. Bean brushes off naysayers and detractors of his methods. He says that real Retro Runners shouldn’t worry about falling over and looking silly because backwards running is just as natural as forward running, sideways running and wheelbarrow racing.

Garmin will soon be releasing an update to its Forerunner series of watches to track backwards running. Your results in Garmin connect will show your actual distance, and `retro-adjusted` distances. A representative of Garmin said that it will revolutionize the way you brag about your runs on Facebook.

Try retro running today!

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