April 2, 2015

March Review

by pyrad
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Did any of you enjoy my little April Fool’s Day joke from yesterday? I hope nobody actually took that seriously.

There were a lot of good April Fools things going around, but the Mississauga Marathon had one of my favourites mocking the “obstacle race” genre:

“In 2016 the Mississauga Marathon will launch its Urban Obstacle Race Series and the first event is truly ridiculous

All participants run in linear fashion, onto oncoming ladder stations. Teams will have to help one another climb onto Square One Shopping Mall and traverse the roofs of sponsoring retailers while avoiding pit falls and mall security. Once off, participants will race to City Hall and swing from end to end of Celebration Square across large pillars stationed over an expected 456 flamethrowers. “We wanted to make sure that the entire square was lit for an authentic flamethrower experience” says Event Coordinator Brody Coles. “The number to guarantee that, is 456. Overall, we really had an easy time creating this course. A good two thirds of it is just avoiding pylons and traffic cones. We figured that we may as well take advantage of all of the construction going on.”

Perhaps most intriguing about the new event is its final stretch. When approaching the last 100 metres of the course, participants will be required to form a line, single file and shake former Mayor Hazel McCallion’s hand one by one. Coles comments, “We didn’t want to slow down the race too much, but if you want to get anything done in Mississauga, you have to shake Hazel’s hand sooner or later.”

Fabulous tongue-in-cheek here, with the reference to the construction clogging up Mississauga’s City Centre and shaking Hazel McCallion’s hand. A little ironic that they’re skewering the adventure race genre which they claim is hurting distance running in general.

But, with all that April 1st tomfoolery behind us, onto a review of March! I had another another irregular month. But, I suppose variety is the spice of life, right?

I started the month by pacing a race, which went really well. I was pretty wrecked after the race, especially my hip flexors. Then, I took off across the world for my Asian cruise! So, I spent the vast majority of the month on the other side of the world. I did exercise there, but didn’t do much running.

Returning home, I seem to have brought a nasty flu home with me. It sidelined me for over a week after returning to Canada. I was unusually exhausted and slept almost 10 hours each night.

To my surprise, I didn’t play any video games this month either. I actually had every intention of playing on the flights to and from Asia. I charged my Nintendo 3DS in preparation for the trip. On a funny note, it seems it has been a LONG time since I played because I wanted to check if it was charged and forgot how to turn it on. But I didn’t play at all. I may have played a few iPod games to pass the time in lines during the cruise, but that was it. Maybe I can say I’ve put it behind me.

Perhaps the only regret I have from the month of March was that I didn’t do any painting or building of models. I have an ever-growing pile to work on, but haven’t set aside the time to work on any of them. I find painting, building and making circuits for them very relaxing and calming. It’s my creative time and I yearn to spend some time doing that. But, I think this will be a month for training and for going to bed early and geting good sleep.


Goal: LOSE 20 POUNDS OF FAT by the end of 2015
Status: OOPS…

Date Weight (pounds) Body Fat % Body Fat (pounds)
December 30, 2014 205.4 26.8% 55.0
January 27, 2015 202.4 26.9% 54.4
February 25, 2015 204.6 25.5% 52.1
March 31, 2015 206.2 25.6% 54.6

So, I didn’t expect this to go so well this month. To be fair, I actually gained that two pounds before February ended in the taper leading up to Chilly. To my surprise, I didn’t gain during the cruise. And considering that I was practically bedridden for the last week of March due to illness, 


Status: Average 7.66 hours per night

March 2015 nightly hours of sleep
March 2015 nightly hours of sleep
The flights to and from Asia were horrible for sleeping. But, during the cruise I had better sleep than my usual back home. After returning home with the illness, I forced myself to sleep almost 10 hours each night in hopes of accelerating my recovery.
It was actually really, really nice to sleep 8-10 hours every night while recovering from my illness. I’d love to do that all the time! I suppose I’d just have to focus on shutting out distractions (like smartphone, computer, and TV screens)
Goal: Earn 45 PMP PDU’s by the end of 2015
Status: 31 and holding!
I was away for most of the month, so I think I can justify that I didn’t have time to earn more PDU’s.
One Month Left in the Season

Spring came in March, but the training season has one more month left in it. The Around The Bay relay is behind me and now I’m in for a grueling month to get ready for the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon on May 3.

Getting into the New York Marathon still weighs heavily on my mind. I’m thinking of how to schedule my summer so I can train for this epic race. I have lots of extravagant ideas about getting back into #5amRunClub and intense cross-training and stretching and good diet. It’s nice to dream about a perfect training season months in advance.

However, I need to remind myself that I have a full marathon in a month, the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon on May 3. I really need to focus on the here and now and a very intense month of April to come!

April 2015 Training Plan


In an effort to grind out some more miles this month and aid with recovery, I plan on walking to and from work to the subway station each day. It’s not freezing cold anymore anyways.

I’m starting to realize that goals are nice, but the journey is part of the fun too.

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  1. macnic says:

    Great month, Paul! I hope you’ll post more about your cruise! It sound amazing! Looks like you have some Sunday’s off in the coming weeks which should work well for your hobby of painting the models. Nice to see you last weekend!