May 21, 2014

My Jack Daniels Inspired Summer Training Program: Part 1

I took a ‘leadership’ course during my masters degree, which turned into a group ‘Life-coaching’ workshop. One of the outputs was a life statement that “I exist to bring order to chaos and live up to my responsibilities to others.” So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of my favourite things to do is plan and organize. And organizing my training plan for this summer has been no exception.

As I mentioned in this post, I was able to pour through the Jack Daniels’ Running Formula and felt like I’d extracted enough information to develop a personal training plan. I could purchase a custom training plan pre-made program, but I think I grasp the theory well enough to put my own custom plan together.

Some parts were easy enough to calculate like the VDOT, training paces, and outline

Based on my recent Mississauga Marathon Starbucks Hazel 5k time of 27:20, the Jack Daniels’ Running Calculator says I have a VDOT of 34.5. Daniel’s defined VDOT as effective VO2max (V-dot-O2max). The table in the book only starts at 30 goes to 85, so I’m glad I was on the table at least!

Based on this VDOT, here are my training paces:


 Workout Type  Pace (min/km)
 Easy (E)  6:51-7:15
 Marathon (M)  6:08
 Threshold (T)  5:45
 Interval (I)  5:17
 Repetition (R)  5:02

I’ve figured out that I have 18 weeks until the Ottawa Army Run Half-Marathon. Based on that, I will divide my seasons into 4 parts:


 Training Block  Length  Dates
 Foundation and Injury Prevention (FI)  4 Weeks  May 19 – June 15
 Early Quality (EQ)  4 Weeks  June 16 – July 13
 Transition Quality (TQ)  6 Weeks  July 14 – August 24
 Final Quality (FQ)  4 Weeks August 25 – September 21


I committed to run 5 times a week. I expect to join the #5amRunClub on Tuesday and Friday mornings. And I needed to set aside for two ‘quality’ runs each week, so those will be Wednesday night and Sunday mornings.

Typical week


However, I was a little overwhelmed by the variety of plans. Thankfully, I reached out to fellow blogger Nicole who has been ridiculously supportive and sent me Sam‘s plan from last summer. And that plan overwhelmed me too! You ladies are crazy!

So I’ve decided to hybridize a typical Running Room half-marathon program, and Daniels’ Marathon Training Plan. I’m having fun with Excel at this point trying to balance percentages of weekly total mileage and such.

For the moment, I can just enjoy 4 weeks of Foundation and Injury Prevention. Part of me is really keen to get into really intense workouts. But I appreciate that a lot of easy runs like this will help give me the foundation and base to get through this challenging season.

More to come later!!

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  1. macnic says:

    You’re going to do great. We will have to get out on one of those Sunday runs and I’ll keep you honest!