March 24, 2014

Around The Bay Goals

The 120th Anniversary of the Around The Bay 30k in Hamilton is coming this Sunday! This will be my 4th time running it (also see my 2012 and 2013 race reports).

There are some changes this year:

In fact, I’m expecting this to be a very rough race for me. I haven’t done the mileage I really should have to get ready for this race. I blame part of this on the exceptionally icy sidewalks that have plagued Mississauga this March. Another part of it was that my heart just wasn’t in it this month for a couple of reasons. I’ve been pretty diligent about cross-training and sleeping, but as the rust of not enough miles was evident in my recent 19km run. Quietly, I’ve considered not running this race because I feel a little unprepared.

No bag check this year??
No bag check this year??


But I am going! I’m not a pacing, but I plan to run it. It might take me a LONG time to finish, but I think I can beat the 4.5 hour time limit. And I plan to take lots of foolish selfies and other pictures and probably posting them to facebook/twitter throughout the race. My Goals for ATB 2014:

  • A Goal: <3:30 to say I did better than last year
  • B Goal: <3:45 is more realistic
  • C Goal: <4:30 because that’s the course limit
  • D Goal: Don’t Crap My Pants (h/t Nicole)

I also plan to take selfies at various points during the race, particularly with the Grim Reapers after Valley Inn Road.

I’m meeting a group at Copps Coliseum FirstOntario Centre around 8:15am on race morning in Section 121, Row 10. I hope to meet many of you there!!

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  1. Emma says:

    Totally looking forward to your selfies! Hoping for good weather and a really fun day.

  2. Sam says:

    I think you may surprise yourself on Sunday. I seem to remember you having a good run at Chilly, hopefully the mojo stays with you! I’ll ALWAYS call it Copps, same way I still call the Rogers Centre the Skydome and the Edge, CFNY. You can’t just change a name dammit! Hope to see you Sunday! Looking forward to your pics!

  3. Andrea says:

    Yay for selfies!

    We have similar time goals (3:45 seems realistic for me, 3:30 a bit of a stretch but possibly do-able). Do you want to run together, at least to start?