February 17, 2012

Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 13 – Review

by pyrad
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Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 13. The new ones are the shiny ones on the right.

Last fall I desperately needed new shoes before a race. I went to my local Running Room. I had been wearing Saucony Grid Cohesion 3‘s for over a year, but the helpful sales representative said I should be wearing Stability shoes instead of Neutral. At the time, Saucony’s solution for people needing stability shoes was the Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 13. At the time my old shoes were toast so I greedily grabbed them up. Looking back now, I’m quite glad that I’m in them.

The first thing I noticed was that my IT band pain went away. I suppose I should have been running in Stability shoes this whole time anyways. It’s a relief running and not having to worry that your knees will hurt like crazy every time!

There’s also a feature called Arch-Lock which I didn’t appreciate until I tried on a different shoe. It’s a piece fo plastic on the outside of the inner part of the shoe. I think it helps with stability.

 The cushioning is what really set this above my previous shoes. This is the first shoe I’ve run in since the Saucony Stabil CS’s that has the ProGrid. The Saucony Cohesions’ I used to wear used an outdated “Grid” technology. The Saucony Kinvara‘s I was experimenting with use a “ProGrid Lite” which was not very comfortable.

These shoes suit my running quite well. I run with a forefoot strike. The construction of the sole seems to accommodate this well. The snug fit around my ankle very welcome too.

I had put over 450km on these shoes, and needed to buy some new ones before the spring racing season. It’s always a pretty safe bet to re-buy shoes you like! When I went back to my local Running Room, they were featuring the brand new Saucony PowerGrid Hurricane 14’s. I was actually very disappointed in the new version. It reminded me very much of the Saucony Kinvara’s. It had a reduced heel height, less weight and no Arch-Lock. I appreciate there is a market for ‘minimalist’ shoes, but I disliked the Kinvara’s and won’t but a shoe that is trying to mimic it.

My old Hurricane’s now head to the basement with my other broken shoes until I find a suitable place to send them.  


I should apply for Saucony sponsorship...

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