April Plans

As I mentioned in this post, I’ve felt like the March had unfun winter weather. But it’s a new month, the snow is finally melting, and it’s time for a new start!

Around The Bay this year was a fun but humbling experience. I knew going in that I wasn’t properly prepared, but that didn’t prepare me for how much it would hurt! It reminded me of a saying: “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.” I feel like I bled during Around The Bay. I intend to sweat a lot in April to bleed less at the Mississauga Half-Marathon.

I’ve put together an aggressive plan for the month of April. I think it’s very doable and I hope it gets me some good results at the Mississauga Half-Marathon. Another side-benefit of this is that I want to have a superhero-worthy body when I run the Mississauga Half-Marathon as a fundraiser for the Trillium Health Partners Foundation.

Some features of this plan:

I’ve already missed a few days from early this month, and I blame that on continuing to recover from Around The Bay. I’m acutely aware that I probably won’t get to my goal speed by Mississauga, but I’m gonna go for broke.


Calendar of April Training Plan
April Training Plan

Another big change I’ve made is that I’m walking A LOT more. I felt so trapped by the cold and ice this winter. I feel compelled to move on my own two feet. I’ve been walking to and from the station to work a lot instead of taking the bus. And I will make it a point to walk more at lunch too. I won’t be tracking these walking miles on dailymile, but I hope they have some nice effects.

I updated my motivation board too. There are quite a few on here that I like. It’s much more about discipline and training hard. I need those kinda reminders to get my butt in gear.

Motivation Board, April 2014


I’m accepting that I may not have much weight loss this month. With a race coming up, I’d rather not drastically cut my calories. After Mississauga I’ll have a whole summer season to train up for half-marathons, and I’ll focus on calorie reduction then.


Fundraising for Trillium Health Partners

As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m fundraising for the Trillium Health Partners Foundation. At this point I’m up to $300 of my $500 goal.

I really, really appreciate all donations.

Click here to donate now!



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