October 16, 2013

Dopey Training Plan

by pyrad
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Before anything else, I’d like to thank my lovely readers! I’m not sure who you all are, but I appreciate those of you who I’ve met and contacted. And I really appreciate that you read and reply to my random rantings!

I plan to start publishing on a more regular basis. For the last few weeks I’ve managed to do 3 posts a week, and I hope to keep up that pace for the forseeable future!


DopeyDopey Training

As I’ve probably mentioned a dozen times, I’m doing the Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge in January. I have done the Goofy Challenge twice, where you run a half-marathon and then a full-marathon the next day. The Dopey Challenge is four races back-to-back-to-back-to-back: 5k, 10k, half-marathon then full-marathon! I trained really seriously before 2012, but slacked a bit last year. I plan to be much more vigilant this year.

I saw a post from Runnersworld.com by Coach Jenny Hadfield about How To Train for the Dopey Challenge. She’s co-author of the book Marathoning For Mortals which I’m just finishing up. The training plan she presented is really good, with great advice. In particular, I liked the “simulation” weeks where you run four mornings in a row to simulate the strain and early wake-up.

I adapted the program quite a bit though. First, I converted from miles to kilometers (in Canada we use the metric system). Then I figured out a way to merge it with the schedule for my upcoming half-marathon clinic. The clinic runs are highlighted in red. To make the additional mileage from Coach Jenny’s plan, I have “+mileage” days. I plan to do the “+mileage” sections before I run with my clinic, which just means starting earlier.


Dopey Training Schedule, November 2013
Dopey Training Schedule, November 2013


Dopey Training Schedule, December 2013
Dopey Training Schedule, December 2013

I have even added weeks “-1” and “0” for recovery after the Niagara Falls Half-Marathon and ramping mileage back up again. I imagine I could add some Yoga and/or swimming to the plan, but there are lots of rest days in there I could convert.

I plan on publishing updates after each training week to review my progress and keep myself honest.

Hoping this season is better than my previous one!


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