October 9, 2013


by pyrad
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I haven’t had a very good race season. I’ve had all sorts of setbacks like injury, overtraining bouts and illness. I’m disappointed that I’ve bailed on races, especially the Berlin Marathon. And my overall lack of mileage this summer casts some serious doubt over my last two races this season.

I’m finishing “Marathoning for Mortals” by Jenny Hadfield and John ‘The Penguin’ Bingham (book review coming soon, I promise!) and they write that your performance is based on the miles you’ve actually run, not the miles that were scheduled! I’m going to have to take that anecdote to heart!

In every previous season, I’ve rather rigidly followed my training schedule. On occasion I’d miss a hill training session or speed work nights, but this season I’ve missed more than I’ve trained. I started with a marathon training schedule, but started late and missed almost all but the long runs. A while ago I decided to shift to a half-marathon schedule, but the illness I got after the Zoo Run has shut me down.

I have serious doubts in my mind about my performance at the upcoming Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 5k in 11 days, and the Niagara Falls Half-Marathon in 18!

Some time ago, Roxane and I discussed doing the Scotia 5k as a sprint. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to keep up with Roxane. A more realistic goal would be just to finish under 35 minutes. That’s a very far cry from my 27 minute 5k PB!

But, finishing the Scotia 5k will let me complete the STWM set: I have a half-marathon medal from 2010, and full-marathon medals from 2011 and 2012! I’m looking forward to getting a little bronze from this year’s 5k. Gotta catch ’em all!!

And the half-marathon has me even more worried! I have no idea how prepared I am for this. I’ve done training runs longer than 21km several times this season. But those were so long ago: Do they still count? And I’ve been sick so long and missed so many runs that I worry I’ve lost so much!!

I don’t doubt I’ll finish the half-marathon before they close the course (I think I get up to 3.5hours). But I’m pretty sure the result won’t be anything to write home about. Based on the Zoo Run, I’m targeting about 2:30 as a time.

On the plus side, I’ll be starting the race with Brenda who I met through the internet! She says she needs someone to slow her down for the first 10k. So old rusty here has a purpose! I won’t be wearing bunny ears (no Brenda!) But I’ll gladly pace her at 6:50 min/km plus walk-breaks.

I’m not expecting any magic in these next three weeks: Just shuffling my way out of this lousy season and picking up two medals. Looking forward to a fresh start in November with my new Running Room Clinic.

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