September 27, 2013

Kobo Mini eReader Review

by pyrad
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I’m sorry that this and a few post to come aren’t quite running-related. But, then again, this is my blog and I can do what I want with it! But I do thank you all for reading it!

I suppose this is a mixed blog about running AND nerdy activities. They often overlap, but not always. I’m adding a new Tag called Non-Running to distinguish these posts from the running-related stuff. These non-running related things already appear under my “Geeky” category.


I mentioned that I was going a little stir-crazy because of my cold. It somehow occurred to me that I could be reading while I have downtime. In fact, I’ve been meaning to do a lot of reading.

Cover of Christopher McDougall's "Born to Run" on my Kobo eReader
The original Kobo eReader. I read Christopher McDougall’s Born To Run on this device.

Many years ago, I bought a Kobo eReader as part of the first wave of e-ink devices. The reader itself was featured in my review of Christopher McDougall’s “Born To Run.” I liked the convenience of having all these books at easy access, but this reader was REALLY slow. Years later I got a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet that I started to use for eReading again. The tablet was good, but a little to big and heavy to hold when riding on the subway. So, this downtime and some encouragement from a friend has got me reading again.

Kobo Mini eReader
Kobo Mini eReader

I went to Costco the other day and saw they had these Kobo Mini eReaders for only $39.99! What a deal! It even came with a SleepCover which makes it open, look and feel kind of like a book. The SleepCover accessory alone is $39.99 on the Kobo website!

Kobo Mini eReader in its SleepCover
Kobo Mini eReader in its SleepCover

When I brought the reader home I was pleasantly surprised that it synced with my Kobo account and all the previous books I’d purchased appeared. My Dragon Age books, Born To Run, and The Bible. Yes, I walk around with a copy of the Bible like any good little Christian boy. But I do it 21st century style 😉

Various books on display
Various books on display

I like that it’s MUCH faster than the previous version. The touchscreen is pretty intuative too. I thought it would be too small but it’s easy enough to read, and it fits comfortably in my hand. I can hold it with one hand, and “turn the page” by just tapping my thumb to the right side of the touchscreen.

My large, manly hand dwarfing the Kobo Mini eReader
My large, manly hand dwarfing the Kobo Mini eReader

I already downloaded two new books. I bought the ebook version of “The Summit Seeker” by Vanessa Runs. I have the paperback version, but this one will be easier to carry around. And, since I’ve met the author before and expect to meet her again this fall, I wouldn’t mind her signing my actual book. It’s a little hard to sign an e-book.

Yes, I'm reading Harry Potter
Yes, I’m reading Harry Potter

I also downloaded Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone. I regret I’ve never read any of the books, yet. Downloading it was an adventure in itself though! All the Harry Potter eBooks are now only available through Pottermore. So I had to buy the eBook through the Pottermore store, then have it ported to my Kobo account, and then it was wirelessly synced to my eReader. Black Magic I say!!

I’ve gotten through a lot of this book quite quickly already. There are many more I plan to read soon:

So… this list could take a while. Some of these have been on my lsit for a long time.


Are there any books I should add to my reading list?


Edit Oct 11, 2013:

One more book added to my list be someone really important to me. It will probably go near the top of my list:

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  1. macnic says:

    You will likely enjoy the Hunger Games! Really good. I read all three in six days. I loved Gone Girl. Super good and a fast read – brought it to Jamaica for the week and was finished in two days. Have you read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series? Those are good as well. I may look into that mini. I have an original iPad – talk about heavy to carry and my iPod is a touch too small.