October 4, 2013

Coming Out of Retirement

by pyrad
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Back in May I merrily noted that I was retiring from being a running coach. It turns out that was only a 10-minute retirement.

I will be leading a half-marathon clinic at the Square One Running Room starting on Tuesday, November 12, 2013. I led a similar clinic two years ago. The goal race is the Chilly Half-Marathon in March 2014.

Half-Marathon Clinic I'll be leading starting November 12!
Half-Marathon Clinic I’ll be leading starting Tuesday, November 12!

The clinic will be meeting Tuesdays at 7pm, Wednesdays at 6:30pm and Sundays at 8:30am. A lot of those Tuesdays and Wednesdays fall on holidays like Christmas and New Years, so I’m not sure how we’re going to swing that yet…

I’m specifically not going to call myself an instructor. I know I still have a lot to learn and I think of myself as a student too. I will proudly hold the title of “Clinic Leader.”

After running for 3.5 years, finishing 7 marathons and working my way through the aches and pains along the way, I’d like to think I have lots of experience to share. I use John Stanton’s patented Running Room literature as a guide, but supplement the program with loads of other references. Runners in this program can look forward to at least 2 e-mails a week, informative presentations every week, lots of guest speakers, and planned and guided routes 3-times a week.

I like to think I lead a structured and informative clinic that is also welcoming and enjoyable. I’m not intense or intimidating. And I will always finish last so that nobody gets left behind.

Running in the winter is a bit of a drag because it’s dark and a little cold. But this clinic’s timing is actually really good: After the Chilly Half-Marathon, you’ll have a fantastic base to continue onto the Around The Bay 30k and/or a spring marathon like the Mississauga Marathon or Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon. Because we start in November, we’d get a 6-week head start on anyone else training for ATB or a spring full!

I need at least 3 people to register for the clinic so that the clinic can get off the ground officially. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE NOW!

On a personal note, I’m really looking forward to this. Leading a group will be great motivation to keep me going during the “winter blues“. And I often read that summer bodies are made in the winter. And I REALLY want to set a new Half-Marathon personal best. I feel like I have something to prove after the disappointment last March.

Are you in Mississauga and want to train for a half-marathon over the winter?

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