September 4, 2013

Operation Manatee!

by pyrad
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(Warning: Most of this post was written right after a long run, and finished while slightly delirious from an overtraining cold. Enjoy!)

Do you know how on a long run, how your mind starts to wander, even though you should be focusing on form, and not the nagging in your left foot, or how your right hip is unusually stiff, or how you should stand upright, or focus the music on your iPod, and avoid the cars, and keep an eye out for dogs, while thinking about if you locked the door, and wonder if something is chafing, and fighting the urge to drink all the water in your belt too early, while still thinking about the route, and dreading that stupid hill that comes up, and considering running the stoplight so that you don’t have to stop, but secretly hoping for the extra break, and trying to add up how many more miles you can do before you have to get a new pair of shoes, and thinking about that thing you said to someone that might have been interpreted wrong and your mind starts to wander, and you feel the sweat on your forehead and try to decide on a good time to wipe if off, and wonder if it’s a good time to have a gel, and you think your right shoe isn’t tied tight enough, and you think about what might be tasty for dinner, and you imagine what it’s like finishing a great race, and you swear to yourself you’ll never run again, and then realize you’ll sign up for another race at the end of your next one because you feel so awesome, and your mind starts to wander…?,


Well, on my long run on Monday, my thoughts got away from me a bit (okay more than a bit). I had to fight off my injury re-surfacing, but it went away after a bit of walking, stretching, and finally warming up. Running with proper form seems to make it go away too. *sigh* I guess I’m not fully recovered yet.


Anyways, among my other random, rambling thoughts during that long run I was thinking back to a little dailymile discussion.

The dailymile discussion that lead to Operation Manatee!
The dailymile discussion that lead to Operation Manatee!

I must say that I really, really appreciate all the comments I’m getting on dailymile for my workouts. You’re all so incredibly supportive! It keeps me coming back for more! Thank you!!

The swim I was referring to in this post went really well. J Pierre Mihok, a great guy said that I swim like a porpoise. I replied that I’m more like a manatee (can you tell I have body image issues?)!

I’m not sure what the porpoise of this discussion was… Oh yes! To introduce Operation Manatee! It’s a secret initiative that I came up with on Monday’s long run. It’s so secret that I have no idea what it’s about!! Cool name though, right?


Operation Manatee! (image source)
Operation Manatee! (image source)

Continuing this rambling post, manatees are actually pretty awesome. They weigh up to 1000 pounds! No wonder they sometimes call them Sea Cows!! They can swim around 3-5 miles per hour, which is still much faster than I was!

Go Operation Manatee!!

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