July 25, 2013

Fingers Crossed

by pyrad
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I am cautiously hopeful about the state of my recovery. There are good signs, but I don’t want to jinx it.

I was super-sore for most of this week. My 19km long run on Sunday morning was a shock to my system. The morning after that run I was unusually sore. Then on Monday evening I had a weight training session with my personal trainer. By the end of that I was twitching in muscles I didn’t know I had. So, Tuesday and Wednesday were sore as expected.

I suppose I’ve forgotten what real training feels like to my body. It is hard to drag by body out of bed in the morning when it’s so sore. Stairs are unpleasant. Even sitting for extended periods of time is uncomfortable. The though of going for a run with this aching body sounded crazy!

Despite feeling unnaturally aged, I stuck to my schedule, I headed out for my run last night. The thought of about 8km seemed nuts! But once I got started, something miraculous happened: It didn’t hurt! The running didn’t inflame my leg injury, and my body soreness went away too!

I think I’d forgotten about the “runner’s high.” It had been my friend for so long! From what I understand, the body releases dopamine in response to pain. I understand that this dopamine release has a similar effect to cocaine. Does that mean all runner’s who experience a “runner’s high” are addicts?

But the most pleasant surprise is that my injury didn’t pop up with symptoms. My chiropractor noted that the strain on my tendons is significantly reduced. Maybe it’s because I’ve reduced my pace and dropped down to “5-and-1’s” for my running intervals? Maybe it was my unexpected 3 weeks off? Or maybe the swimming is helping my body recover? Whatever it is, I’m quite glad I can run without (excruciating) pain.


Bye Bye Visor, Hello Bondi Band!

I also am experimenting with a gear change. Usually, I wear a visor to keep the sun out of my eyes and catch the sweat off of my head. I almost aways run with sunglasses, so the visor may be redundant. I’m starting to find that the visor just holds the heat onto my forehead. I even had to take mine off on Sunday for that reason. Yesterday I ran with a batman-logo emblazoned Bondi Band. I think I like this better! It catches the sweat without holding in heat, and I can shove it in my pocket when it gets too wet. I can even carry spares!

Rocking my Batman Bondi band
Rocking my Batman Bondi band

Haven’t heard of Bondi Bands before? I wrote a review as a guest post on Ali Mc’s blog “Running With Spatulas” a while back. I actually have quite a collection of them now. I plan to wear a Bondi Band with the Disney World Goofy Challenge logo tonight!


One Last Test then Decision Time

If my 23km long run goes well on Sunday, I’ll say I’m well enough to make it to Berlin.

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  1. Good Luck! Would be great to see you head to Berlin. I’d love to hear about the race.
    I am always back and forth about bands vs. visors vs. baseball hats. I always need something to keep sweat and hair out of my face. I like the sun protection I get from visors and hats and I really like a hat (even though it is way hotter) to protect my hair as well from the sun. But somedays when the sun is not too intense, I really appreciate just a band that can keep it all off my face.