June 8, 2013

Temptation and Progress?

by pyrad
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I can see it’s going to be a constant fight for motivation this season. I think I’m winning so far, but it’s a long 114 days until the Berlin Marathon (not that I’m counting…). I hope I can keep my motivation up that long. At the same time, it’s ONLY 114 days until the Berlin Marathon and I have a lot of training to accomplish in that rather short amount of time!

On my drive home on Tuesday, I saw someone carrying two or three pizza boxes. And immediately I wanted to taste pizza. The gooey cheese… the greasy crust. The warm, oily taste. Makes me salivate just thinking about it.

And then I realized my dinner was a large salad, one cup of rice, green beans and a piece of boiled fish. The pizza seemed much more appetizing.

And now Little Ceasars Pizza is advertising Deep!Deep! Dish Pizza! Looks so good…


Progress Report

Thank you to everyone who have been commenting on my posts. It helps to know that I have “fans” that care. You are another reason I get my butt out the door and try to improve!

You might also notice that I’m posting A LOT more than I used to. Since I retired from being an instructor, I find I have a lot more time on my hands. I still have an inane desire to write on and on about running topics, so I’m glad that you readers humour me!

As for actual progress, I don’t really see any yet. My weight and body fat % on the scale haven’t changed yet. I know I may have to wait a few weeks to see results, but I’d like some assurance that I’m on the right track.

Things I’m continuing from previous weeks:

  • Getting good sleep (goal 9 hours per night)
  • Eating lots of vegetables and generally watching food intake
  • Home strength and stretching routine


Things I added this week:

That’s like 12 kilmoeters of just fitness walking! I’m pretty happy with that. I’m still having trouble getting up early enough to walk to work with time to spare, but I’ll work on that.


Things to add next week:

  • Get up early and do home strength and streching routine before work each morning
  • Register for marathon clinic


Things to add in upcoming weeks:

  • Early morning runs
  • Swimming
  • Yoga?

Update: I had the Deep!Deep! Pizza last night. It was great. Not quite Chicago deep dish but still quite tasty. Now I fee guilty. Back to workouts!

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  1. Haha! I pass by Little Caesars all the time and there’s always someone standing by the road with a massive advertisement sign. I love the fact that I’m very frugal or cheap that I don’t get it just because I don’t want to pay money 😛

    Walking to work is a great idea 🙂 I’ll probably be biking to the subway when I go to the lab which is about 10km one way. Maybe you could try biking to work depending how far it is. Plus it could save a good amount of money 😛

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