May 24, 2013

New Header

by pyrad
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I was a little jealous of the lovely custom headers the websites of fellow bloggers Nadiya’s Milk and Honey On The Run, Sam J.’s Breaking My Runners In, and Running With Ollie, so I decided to make a custom website header of my own!

Just scroll up to see the new header! Or see below too…

New Header for
New Header for

The overall frame should be pretty obvious. It’s the LCARS interface from Star Trek! It’s a thematic carry-over from my old website. I’m going to move that whole website over to my new server sometime… But yes, Star Trek and geekiness!

I used this image as the base template for the new header
I used this image as the base template for the new header


My old header showed my medal collection as of December 2012. The new one has my medal collection as of this morning.

Old header image: Medal collection circa December 2012

The photo in the middle is me running the Mississauga Marathon in 2011. It’s one of my favourite photos because it’s my first marathon, it’s clearly in Mississauga, and even though I’m clearly bleeding I’m still smiling!

On the far right is my family’s coat-of-arms. It’s been the “icon” for the site for a while, but was not very prominent. I think this is an appropriate place to display it!

And in the top-right corner is a picture of my Marathon Maniacs pin that I wear on my backpack. Even though it was quite rough, I am proud I made that goal and can call myself certified Marathon Maniac #5954!

Oh, and there’s cryptic meaning in the “buttons” beside my photo. The distances are on the left, and my personal bests for the corresponding distance are on the right. I hope I get to update some of those some day…

So, yay, new header/banner! It has a little more personality.

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  1. I love the banner 🙂 It totally does add personality to the blog

    You have a family coat-of-arms. Color me jelly 😛

    I also really like your personal best times. That’s really cool idea but hopefully you’ll beat those soon 😉

  2. Henry Lo says:

    Heh, not my cup of tea, but nice job nonetheless 😉