June 23, 2011

New Season

by pyrad
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I suppose it’s rather arbitrary saying that yesterday I started a new running season, but all the signs were there: Set of races ended, took a 14 day break, starting new routine and clinic, fixed watch and officially started summer! Let me elaborate on these a bit.

I finished a gauntlet of races in May which was 90km of races divided into 4 races in just 5 weeks. That stretch had been on my radar for months, and finishing it so well was a great feeling. Since I’m not racing again until the end of July, I’d safely consider that the Bread and Honey 15k on June 5 was the end of that spring season. Then again, I did go for a run on June 8 just for the heck of it…

Whether by choice or circumstances, I had a 14 day period between June 8 and June 22 where I didn’t run at all. Shocking and blasphemous, I know! Part of it was I felt I needed a break after a strenuous spring running season. Another part might have been the doctor’s orders following surgery. Let’s call it a nice two-for-one.

I’m in a new marathon clinic with the Running Room. I missed the first day last week, but I hear it’s a small group. I really enjoyed the big, friendly, fun and competitive group from the last clinic I was in. And I’m starting with a new personal trainer next week, Kathy Bogatek.

And I had to fix my watch this week. The strap of my beloved Garmin Forerunner 405 broke. Apparently this happens all the time, so Garmin sells a strap replacement kit for less than $20 that has replacement straps, springs and a little tool. I called Garmin, and they advised that they avoid shipping to Canada because of the import tarrifs. But they were nice enough to recommend a bunch of Canadian distributors. I ordered online. It was kinda funny when it came to shipping options: they had FedEx next day, and Canada Post 1-6 days. The FedEx was cheaper, and Canada Post is on strike. There was a handy video on YouTube on how to replace the strap. The whole little ritual was another thing that made it feel like the start of a new season.

The first run of the new season yesterday was rough. Yesterday was the first full day of summer. It felt like it with a humidex near 30. I was only off a short time, but I definitely felt rusty. I tried taking off at my usual speed, but after a short time my heart rate shot up and I had to take several unexpected walking breaks. Dawn was nice enough to stay back with me. I need to remember to have a particularly appropriate sign for when she runs Niagara in the fall. Anyways, by the end of the run I got used to the feeling. I guess I’ll need more warm up until I’m deeper into the season.

Here’s looking to a great new season. 115 days until the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon!

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