February 13, 2013

Form Tip #3: Elasticity Propels Body Forward

by pyrad
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Form Tip #3: Elasticity Propels Body Forward

The human body is a marvelous creature at long distance running if it has an efficient form. One of the advantages humans have that others don’t is the ability to store elastic energy in the Achilles tendon and arch of the foot. A lot of impact energy from each step can be captured and used to start the next stride. If you time your stride right you can run a little more efficiently.

Something that surprises me is that people will put arch supporting insoles into their shoes. The human foot is a marvel of engineering. It’s taught like a bow, and multifaceted like a truss bridge. Why would you put a wedge below your arch to defeat this natural spring?

The exact timing and form is a little different per person, but try aiming at about 90 steps per minute per foot.

This section of this video gives more details about this idea: http://youtu.be/zSIDRHUWlVo?t=1m1s

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