January 28, 2013

Nutrition Tip #4: Avoid Sugar Substitutes

by pyrad
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Nutrition Tip #4: Avoid sugar substitutes like Aspartame, Sucralose, Saccharin, Sugar Alcohols

It should go without saying that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Some popular marketing statements like zero calories or zero fat may be true, but may actually be much worse for you than their regular alternatives.

Zero or low calorie products like diet cola, yogurt, sports drinks and coffee sweeteners contain artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes that can be fairly dangerous. You never get something for nothing. The sweetness and taste in these products comes from some unpleasant chemicals like aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, sugar alcohols.

These artificial sweeteners are not well understood. Some of them are known carcinogens! Worst, some of them are fat-soluble toxins! Water-soluble toxins like alcohol are processed by the liver and are removed from the body after a little time. Fat-soluble toxins are stored in fat and are very difficult for the body to eliminate. Do you want to risk it?

It’s not a bad thing to have the regular versions of products. A regular can of coke has 140 calories. It’s not great, but a couple of times a month it’s not devastating. One of the worst things I’ve seen is runners drinking the “zero” version of a sport drink. You need calories during your runs! 260 calories per bottle is actually necessary! You obviously want to reduce calorie consumption, but doing by using sugar substitutes isn’t a good answer.

Low-fat can be similarly dangerous. Some low fat products used fat substitutes like Olestra. One of the possible side effects was intense digestive distress. Is that worth it?

A possible unpleasant surprise from low-fat products like fat-free yogurt is that they may have higher calories. Without fat, manufacturers may increase the sugar content to make up for the missing flavour. Having more calories can increase your body fat! And besides, you do need some fat in your diet for basic body functions. Enjoy enough fats!

Like I said in a previous message, unprocessed foods are better!

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