January 20, 2013

Super Safety Tip #2: Wear bright, reflective and visible clothing

by pyrad
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Super Safety Tip #2: Wear bright, reflective and visible clothing

I apologize that this tip is rather late. I’m finally getting organized again.

When running in the winter it will usually be dark. The last tip was that you should be running in a group for safety. However, numbers may not be enough. You will want to be visible. This can be accomplished through bright, reflective clothing and using lights.

In terms of clothing, you will want to wear clothing that keeps you warm, dry and visible. Some runners tend to prefer black, navy blue and dark grey running gear. For the winter, learn to love the bright neon colours!

You will also want to be reflective. Most winter running jackets already have some reflective piping. You can also supplement your reflective vision with brightly-coloured and/or reflective armbands and legbands.

Last but not least are the electronic lighted goodies. Headlights are very popular. You’ve seen my beloved Knuckle Lights. You can also buy some light-up armbands to improve visibility.

Even if you have bright clothing, reflectors and lights, don’t let your guard down! Even though cars see you, that doesn’t mean they’re going to stop! Be responsible for your own safety and keep an eye out for your fellow runners too.

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