January 14, 2013

Weekly Nutrition Tip #2

by pyrad
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Tip #2: If it’s a plant, eat it. If it’s made in a plant, don’t!

The tip is simple, but it’s built on some really complicated background.

The basic premise is that I encourage you to eat whole plants, vegetables and natural foods. I discourage eating overly processed foods, like foods from a factory.

Processed foods have a lot of things that aren’t very good for the body: Processed foods usually contain excessive amounts of salt, preservatives and fillers. The human body just doesn’t deal with these very well.

Asking someone to give up processed foods is pretty much impossible. We don’t have the milkman anymore; we buy milk from the grocery store that has a shelf-life of 3 weeks. Most canned vegetables have syrups and salts added to them. Even fresh fruits may have toxins and pollutants absorbed into them from the air, soil and pesticides. So don’t worry about it! The tip’s recommendation is to avoid and reduce processed foods.

There are some things you can do to eat more natural.

  1. Look at the ingredients to what you buy. Try the product with the fewest ingredients that you can’t pronounce. For example, if you buy a fruit juice, get something where fruit is the first ingredient, not water or sugar.
  2. Organic vegetables should have fewer preservatives and pesticides. However, the term “organic” doesn’t always mean a lot because the term is unregulated. Be aware that sometimes “organic” is just slick marketing and may not be any healthier.
  3. Pick whole grain or whole wheat. Processed grains like white bread have lost many of their nutrients. Whole grains and whole wheat products are processed more slowly by your body so you feel full longer and don’t get as much of a sugar spike.

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