January 8, 2013

Super Safety Tip #1

by pyrad
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Like the Monday nutrition tips, you can look forward to safety tips! The tips will look rather familiar because they’re based on the Running Rooms Running/Walking Safely page I’ve rearranged and elaborated on them. 


Super Safety Tip #1: Run with others whenever possible, especially when dark

When running in the winter it will usually be dark. You don’t want to be alone! If you are with a group you are more likely to scare off shady characters and animals. It also means that if something happens to you, someone can be there to call for help!

There are other non-safety advantages to running with a group. It obviously makes the running more fun and motivating. If you don’t come out to the runs, we’ll miss you!

There are some disadvantages to running with a big group though. Big groups scare away bad people, but can also scare nice people! We don’t want to be mean runners hogging the sidewalk, so we should share the road

Make sure that all runners move to the right when passing someone else on the path. Let other people in the group know that there is someone ahead with “runner ahead” “walker” “bike to the left”.

When passing a pedestrian from behind, make sure that you tell them which side you are passing on. Runners in the front please warn runners behind of obstacles – curbs, dogs, ice, puddles, posts etc.

And say hello and smile to people when you pass them. I usually invite them to join the runs, and that usually gets a smile and a laugh!

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