January 7, 2013

Weekly Nutrition Tip #1

by pyrad
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This is my first in weekly installments of simple nutrition tips. I hope to release these nutrition tips every Monday for the next 18 weeks.

As a general note, I’m not a nutritionist, dietician, medical doctor, personal trainer, or even a good cook. Any advice from me is runner to runner, not necessarily professional advice.

Tip #1: Eat something with 30 minutes of finishing a workout

After exercise, especially long runs, it is particularly important to get food into you quickly.

When you’re exercising for a long time, you will burn your free sugars, and start to dip into your reserves of glycogen. You might have even burned a little fat. With almost every workout, you will also have caused some minor muscle damage. Your body will want to repair any muscle damage, and adapt to make the next workout easier. So, you’ll want some

After a workout, your body will be primed to replace any glycogen it may have burned. Carbohydrates are the raw materials that your body needs to produce glycogen.

Even if you don’t feel hungry, try to get something down within 30 minutes. Fresh fruit, protein bars or smoothies are great options. Some recommend chocolate milk, but that might just be slick marketing.

But be careful not to binge right after exercise. You may deserve it, but don’t consume more calories than you just burned!!


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