October 3, 2015

September 2015 nightly hours of sleep

September Review

Back to reality and buckling down after a rough August. I’ve been executing the action plan pretty aggressively. There are several things I quite enjoyed this month. The most was the cooler temperatures! But I didn’t really like how sunset is getting earlier and earlier. I have also discovered that my favourite thing is sleep. Definitely sleep. 9 hours of sleep in a night is the most amazing feeling and I will fight like a monster to continue to be able to do that! A highlight of this month was definitely pacing the Oakville Half-Marathon. It was very confidence boosting to[…continue reading]

October 2, 2015

First of my "live tweet" selfies during the Oakville Half-Marathon this year

Oakville Half-Marathon Pace Report

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Last Sunday I had the pleasure of pacing the Nutrience Oakville Half-Marathon. It was my 3rd time pacing this race, and my slowest pacing assignment yet! I previously I discussed how I “accidentally” registered for this assignment. Date Event Goal Time Chip Time Gun Time 2015/09/27 Oakville Half-Marathon 2:45:00 2:44:34.8 2:45:31.1     I felt kind of funny collecting my sunglasses and putting on sunscreen at 5am while it’s pitch black outside, but I would need them later. I wore a pacer shirt I received at a previous race, but had modified it to be sleeveless. I met up with[…continue reading]

September 22, 2015

Oakville Half-Marathon Logo

How I Accidentally Registered for a Race

In the past, I have had a habit of registering for too many races. I have since learned my lesson and have been properly focusing only on one true goal race each season. That doesn’t mean I don’t do other races in a season; it just means that I definitely treat those races as “catered training runs.” It’s one of the reasons that being a Pace Bunny is so appealing. However, this is a story of how I genuinely didn’t plan to run a race and accidentally got registered anyways. I have been a pacer at the Oakville Half-Marathon twice before: Once in in[…continue reading]

September 14, 2015

Ima 10!

I’m a Ten (???)

A couple of weeks ago there was some situation at the Goodlife Fitness Gym I frequent where a customer was using chalk and a bunch of managers and staff went out to tell him he shouldn’t. But, before they approached him they talked each other up saying: “What are you?” “I’m a ten!” Some trainers and other staff kind of rolled there eyes, but others, especially the fitness manager was very into it. From what I understand, many of them attended a session at the CanFitPro expo earlier that week and “I’m a ten!” was a takeaway saying. I guess[…continue reading]

September 9, 2015

My fall 2015 training plan

Back to Action!

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With the time of year, I could call this a “back to school” article, except that I’m back to training after an injury. So, a few weeks ago I got a pretty bad scare when I was worried that I had a stress fracture in my foot. There were a few things that could have caused it. The first was that I was trying a new shoe that was half-a-size too small and was putting a lot of pressure on the top of my foot. The second and more likely cause was overtraining. I had a wonderfully intense week on[…continue reading]