Revised Plan for the Transition Quality  Phase of my Jack Daniels' inspired training programAdjusting Training Plan to Reality

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Published on: July 28, 2014

I had a great plan for training hard during this phase of my Jack Daniels’ Inspired Training Program. Reality ensues as usual and I didn’t get all the miles I expected in the last few weeks. I feel like I was slacking, but I think my body also appreciated the rest.

So, I’ve revised the plan. It shows what was actually done for the last two weeks. More importantly, I adjusted the weekly mileages so that I have a proper ramp to the maximum mileage week.

Revised Plan for the Transition Quality  Phase of my Jack Daniels' inspired training program
Revised Plan for the Transition Quality Phase of my Jack Daniels’ inspired training program

TheUltimateGuideToBikingAndCyclingValuable Bike Infographic

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Published on: July 26, 2014

I have mused openly a couple of times about how I need a bikeI found this infographic on Tumblr which I found really helpful:


I’ll probably buy in the fall at the Toronto Bicycle Fall Blowout Sale. I guess an entry-level road or hybrid bike would be a good start for me.

Any books or other sources I should research?

Any other recommendations or advice?

Lawson Craddock on a podiumDifferent Motivation…

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Published on: July 21, 2014

I don’t follow professional cycling at all. But a former classmate and facebook friend does. He posted this article about Lawson Craddock and Chad Haga were doing well at the UCI WorldTour. I know nothing about these athletes, but something in the accompanying photo caught my eye.

Lawson Craddock on a podium
Lawson Craddock on a podium (source)

Do you see it? Let me zoom in a bit.

Detail of the mark on Lawson Craddock's face
Detail of the mark on Lawson Craddock’s face (source)

The podium Girls left a mark!

Maybe I should buy a bike. I guess I’m in the wrong sport… ;)


On a serious note, I see that many fellow running bloggers Nicole, Henry, Mari, Lisa, Irina, Sam, EmmaNadiya, Alice, Hong, and even Patty are active cyclists now. I guess I should get on the bandwagon and finally get a bike too. I’ve said that before.

Niagara Falls International Marathon LogoReturn to Pacing!

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Published on: July 18, 2014

I recently found out that I will be the 2:30 continuous pacer at the Niagara Falls Half-Marathon this fall! Nicole will be pacing the half too! I’m approaching it with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.

My actual goal race for this season is the Ottawa Army Run Half-Marathon in September. I’m also doing the Disneyland Half-Marathon at the end of August for fun and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half-Marathon in November back-up goal race or fun run. Niagara seemed to fit in nicely in between the Army Run and Las Vegas and pacing Niagara seemed like a natural way to keep going between the races. Besides, it would be like a catered and FREE long run!

Running the Niagara Falls Half-Marathon (photo by Mark Young)
Running the Niagara Falls Half-Marathon in 2013 (photo by Mark Young)

As some of you might remember, I ran the Niagara Falls Half-Marathon last year and quite enjoyed myself. When I ran Niagara last year I was recovering from injury. This year, I expect to be in my best for ever.

When I finished the race last year, another runner tapped me on the shoulder and asked me “aren’t you usually a pace bunny?” I had to sheepishly say not this year. It’s a little ironic looking back at that conversation now.  

I haven’t paced in quite a while. The last race I paced was the Around The Bay 30k in 2013. You can see my whole pacer history on this page. My only trepidation about this pacing gig is that it will be 2:30 continuous. I’m pretty sure I can easily manage 7:07 min/km, but doing it without stopping will be a new challenge. I guess I’ll have to modify my training a bit and get out of the habit of 10-and-1′s.


Uranus Half-Fanatic?

That makes a lot of half-marathons this year. According to the Half-Fanatics Criteria, I would qualify for Uranus level if I completed all 8 this year. Heh, Uranus

And here I thought I wasn’t doing too many races this year…


So, is anyone else planning on doing the Niagara Falls Half-Marathon this fall?

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