May 12, 2021

Unfried Chicken Recipe

Did this image catch your attention? I mean, who wouldn’t want a piggyback ride from Colonel Sanders!? There’s a fun story behind this: KFC’s Twitter account only follows 11 other accounts: The 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb. So, 11 Herbs and Spices, like their famous recipe. Well, a gentleman pointed that out on Twitter, and KFC “rewarded” him. Great marketing! Thinking of fried chicken, I kind of miss the gloriously unhealthy staple. But, with gluten off the menu, and generally cutting calories and saturated fat, it was off the menu in its traditional form. Fortunately, I’ve concocted[…continue reading]

April 23, 2021

Chicken Adobo Recipe

by pyrad
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This is a dish that’s dear to my heart. Adobo is unofficially considered the national dish of the Philippines, where my mother comes from. She made my adobo occasionally growing up. And now, with my growing culinary skills, I thought I’d try to claim this piece of my heritage.  Filipino food can be amazing, but I find it sometimes lacks refinements and that puts some people off. I’d like to think I use a lot of interesting substitutions and techniques in this recipe to make it more universally palatable. Essentially, this is my way of trying to increase the profile[…continue reading]

April 18, 2021

Cauliflower Rice Caulisotto

Cauliflower Rice “Caulisotto” Recipe

by pyrad
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This is a great side dish that exemplifies my current philosophy on food. In this Autoimmune-Paleo dietary regime I’m following, grains – especially gluten – are avoided. That seems to leave out classic dishes like pastas, rice, and risotto. But, these dishes are memorable for their sauce, not their starch. That’s why I feel like this cauliflower rice risotto: It’s much lower in calories, gluten-free, dairy-free, and can even be vegan, but packs a savoury, comforting, tasty punch. It’s hard to believe that without cream, butter, or wheat, a dish can be this tasty! Cauliflower rice isn’t exactly rice. It[…continue reading]