April 18, 2015


Exercising During A Cruise

In 2012 I was on a cruise ship and had some interesting exercise adventures. On my most recent adventures on the Celebrity Century in South-East Asia, I had some new exercise adventures. I was busy during this vacation, visiting many ports. But sea days between the ports were genuine vacation. I could have just baked in the sun like most of the passengers. But, I had a moment of clarity during the first sea day: On vacation, I want to be exercising and improving myself. After all, I had a marathon coming up! And I ate a lot of really good food, so[…continue reading]

April 10, 2015


Around The Bay Relay Race Report

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This report is a little late, especially considering that Kenny, Emma, Nicole, Robin and Patty seemed to publish their race reports within minutes of the race! But better late than never! I wasn’t sure I was going to write a report on this race since it was “only” 15km, but running the Around The Bay relay was such a new and unique experience that I thought I had to share it. I’ve run Around The Bay four times before. It’s definitely an iconic and challenging race and it seems that the “who’s-who” of Ontario distance running comes out to this[…continue reading]

April 2, 2015

March 2015 nightly hours of sleep

March Review

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Did any of you enjoy my little April Fool’s Day joke from yesterday? I hope nobody actually took that seriously. There were a lot of good April Fools things going around, but the Mississauga Marathon had one of my favourites mocking the “obstacle race” genre: “In 2016 the Mississauga Marathon will launch its Urban Obstacle Race Series and the first event is truly ridiculous All participants run in linear fashion, onto oncoming ladder stations. Teams will have to help one another climb onto Square One Shopping Mall and traverse the roofs of sponsoring retailers while avoiding pit falls and mall security. Once[…continue reading]

April 1, 2015

Retro Running! It's all the rage!

Run Backwards to Reverse the Effects of Running

It’s crunch time for those training for the spring marathon season, so any and all tips to help get you through these last tough weeks. Today I’m going to talk to you about a new form of running that will magically help you reverse the negative effects of running long distance! The secret is RUNNING BACKWARDS! Backwards running, or “retro running” has long been known as a good form of cross-training. This alternative form of running helps strengthen stabilizing muscles by exposing them to unexpected motions. But wait, there’s more! Dr. Jim Bean, a contemporary of Dr. Jack Daniels, takes[…continue reading]

March 27, 2015

Shrimp Pasta and Lamb Shanks

Cruise Ship Food

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As I mentioned in this post, I was on a cruise aboard the Celebrity Century through the South China Sea for most of March. As promised, I’m sharing a post of just pictures of the food. It’s like Instragraming dinner but on a much more epic scale! I wish I had taken pictures of the menu each day. They had really fancy descriptions of each dish. I’m afraid the captions on some of these plates is rather lacking, and I’m grasping at what I think it was. WARNING, the rest of the page contains pictures of tasty food, most of[…continue reading]