July 31, 2020

Sweet Potato Biscuits Recipe

I’ve shared some different iterations of my sweet potato biscuits on Instagram and gotten a few requests for its recipe. So, by popular demand, here’s my recipe for sweet potato biscuits. I have been following “The Myers Way” for a couple of weeks now. It is an autoimmune / paleo elimination diet. It meant no gluten or pseudo-grains of any kind. One of the biggest things I missed was bread. It would be handy for a sandwich or burger, and there is a certain texture to it which I was craving. Fortunately, there is a recipe for sweet potato biscuits[…continue reading]

July 16, 2020

One Week Following “The Myers Way”

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Since July 8, my wife and I have been following an even more restrictive meal plan based on Dr. Amy Myers’ “The Autoimmune Solution.” It is a Paleo / anti-inflammatory set of foods similar to an elimination diet, but The Myers Way aims to remove foods that can potentially cause an autoimmune illness and other maladies. So, what’s included in The Myers Way meal plan? Not a lot. It’s more restrictive than Paleo, Keto, and the popular Whole 30. It cuts out typically autoimmune suspicious foods like alcohol, caffeine, dairy, gluten, eggs, and sweetners. But also usually healthy foods like[…continue reading]

July 8, 2020

COVID-10 July 2020 Update

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I didn’t think I’d get to a fourth entry about this pandemic lockdown but here we are. With the top headlines this month being about police and riots, it seems that a lot of people stopped being scared about COVID. I think the pandemic reaction was admirable, but I’m surprised how quickly people are breaking physical distancing, even before it is considered “safe”. Perhaps there is fatigue over the restrictions. Perhaps the fear passed with something new in the headlines I think a lot of these measures will become the “new normal.” 9/11 was almost 20 years ago, but the[…continue reading]